What a Little Stunner

I have a beautiful cat.

Heading for Hollywood

I know that’s hardly news. But since coming home I am so struck by his beauty. Maybe being with him day in day out has inured me to his appearance and it has taken a week away to open my eyes.
What a little stunner.


24 thoughts on “What a Little Stunner

        • I think it has been more my familiarity with his looks and I suddenly have a bit of distance. I didn’t fall over in shock when I picked him up, but yesterday I was looking at him and was quite amazed. Somewhere in my head I still expect to see Cat walking in too.:)

        • Yes, I think that is probably it. You spend most of the time thinking things like ‘he’s got cobwebs stuck to his whiskers’ ‘I must clean his ears/wipe his eyes’ ‘let’s get those bits of greenery out of your fur’ and suddenly seeing the whole is a bit jaw dropping. I reread the entries for when I got him, and I was so taken up with fleas, possible owners, neutering and getting to Mum’s the sitting and admiring took a while!

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