The Bolt

OK. Time to fess up. The Olympics, Lonodon 2012, is nearly over. I am leaving the capital on saturday for a week; missing the closing ceremony and hoping that the time away will help me cope with an Olympicless London. By the time I get back, the run up to the Paralympics should be building. I dare not think about September.
Rebecca Adlington awes me. She is generous, talented, gifted. I am appalled that since winning two bronze medals her profile here has dropped. Her attitude embodies everything the Olympics purports to stand for. As a role model, she is hard to beat.
Unless of course you look at Jessica Ennis. She won gold and stays the darling of the UK. She is wonderful, beautiful, an inspiration. Watching her in action reduces me to tears. Then there’s Mo Farah. Oh, he didn’t need it, but you could feel the country willing him to win. How we cheered when he answered the journalist who suggested he might have preferred to represent Somalia. His “Listen, mate, this is my country” told us all we needed to know. Chris Hoy; how can you not love him? Real men do cry. Btw, why does anyone listen to Jeremy Clarkson. What a dick. Team GB has so many wonderful, surprising, dedicated and glorious members. I am so glad I didn’t chuck the Jubilee bunting.
Usain Bolt. A god. I have always thought that if I had a one to one I would choose Desmond Tutu. Now I am wavering. I don’t think I have ever seen a sportsperson with the star quality of Usain. He is amazing. Charisma, talent, application, cool, intelligence. Usain Bolt makes me glad to be alive, and privileged to see him run. A legend in his own lifetime. Wow.
And I love this photograph.


11 thoughts on “The Bolt

  1. He *is* astounding! I really thought it was inappropriate of the interviewer to try and conduct an interview tonight while the Kenya national anthem was being played and Bolt and the two other Jamaican runners were trying to watch and respect other runners getting their medals. The fact that they thought it was important to respect those other winners is a measure of their sportsmanship – something that was lost on the interviewer for the BBC.

    I don’t know what Jeremy Clarkson has said? Does anyone listen to a word he says any more?

    Hope you’ll be able to at least watch the closing ceremony on a TV somewhere… 🙂

    • Are you home again?
      Reportedly, this is what Clarkson when Murray cried after losing Wimbledon:
      “What he actually did was blub, whimpering and mewling like a hysterical little girl whose puppy dog had gone missing.
      I missed the interview. There is one BBC pundit whose name I don’t know who makes me want to hide. But don’t you love McEnroe? Struggling with Michael Jordan, especially after he talked about ‘analysation’. Denise is great and Clare is a star.

      • Oh Clarkson is a ludicrous exaggeration of a lump of a man. Yes I *love* McEnroe. Always did, through the bad behaviour and the whole maturing process…
        Clare is a total reliable professional too. Haven’t seen enough of the other two, although Michael Jordan has a terribly authoritative air when silent! 😀

        • I struggled with McEnroe when he was a superb rat, but now he is wonderful. Actually I like Gabby too. She’s good. Analysation was a word too far for me…

  2. I’ve always loved watching the Olympics…..I get quite carried away watching the incredible talent and athleticism assembled in one place at one time. It’s all just glorious and exciting.


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