Orange is the Colour

Tonight finds me in the Netherlands in a small town not far from Amsterdam. I have never flown here before. My journey has always been by boat so this was my first time at Schiphol Airport. Does anyone else remember, decades ago, how Schiphol Airport bags were cool? I have no idea why. I believe they were yellow. Maybe the airport itself was cool and some of that cool rubbed off on the bags.
I quite liked the airport, although it was a very long walk from the plane to baggage reclaim. I haven’t ever been on a plane with so many people wearing orange. And I am not talking about the Easyjet crew. Olympic rings adorned bags and t shirts. Some passengers had Dutch flags on their cheeks. I had my Olympic weather badge.

I have become so used to the Games being included in every conversation over the last ten days that I couldn’t help asking the woman at the railway ticket office if she was enjoying them. She shrugged, then smiled and handed me another badge in the shape of a train. It says
Londen Centraal, but I can’t see the Olympic connection.
I was surprised to see that you are allowed to smoke on railway platforms here, and impressed by the punctuality of the trains.
I seem to have done a lot of walking since I arrived, but happily this is a town of dogs, and I had only been out of the station five minutes before I was cuddling a labrador.
Now if I could just find which channel is showing the diving I’ll be happy.


21 thoughts on “Orange is the Colour

  1. Glad you’ve found the diving. My capabilities as a sports commentator are not proven 😀

    Schipol is my favourite airport as I frequently have flown KLM from the airport a mile away from home as an alternative to the pain of transfers at Heathrow or Gatwick.

    Not that I am wishing your holiday away but, when you come home, find the ladies toilets upstairs with the display of china lavatory ornaments. These toilets are also quite near the leather loungers that look out over the runway where I have had more than 40 winks – and woken myself up by snoring!!!

    Have a fabulous time 😀

    • I have visited Amsterdam before and The Hague, and ventured to the back of beyond, but this is more central. I realised the hotel had wifi just before I came. It seems a bit cranky, but I shall drop in most days I suspect.

    • Thanks. That is what I am doing too! But it is an hour alter here, so I do not know that I’ll stay awake until the end. Cycling tomorrow.
      Switching between Dutch channel which has better reception but constant commentary!

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