Thank You London, It’s Been a Blast

I love Ray Davies, and Waterloo Sunset is probably the best hymn to London ever written, and hearing a Beatles’ recording beat a live Macca hollow,but the moment I felt engaged with tonight’s closing ceremony was when they showed the footage of the highs and lows of the past two weeks.
Until that moment, I thought I might switch off and read my book. It has been an amazing two weeks. I freely admit I did not want London to win the Games bid. My friend Sarah was in Trafalgar Square when the news broke and was ecstatic. I had a more cynical attitude.
Well, she was right and I was wrong.
Since that night, many things have happened. One of those things is that Sarah has developed an aggressive form of MS. We were supposed to be going to the Paralympics together, but she doesn’t think she could manage it. How ironic it is that I, the one who was less than enthusiastic, will be there and not Sarah.
At first I couldn’t understand why the Paralympics didn’t start sooner. Now I think we need that breather; to catch our breath; reflect on moments that made us gasp, cry, cheer, shout, jump up and down, or bury our heads in our hands. Personally, I need stock up on more hankies.
And doubtless the Olympic village needs to be cleaned up. Will the accommodation be repainted? I’d hate to think the Paralympians were going to move into rooms scuffed by the earlier residents.
After all the discipline these athletes have shown, it is something else to see them being so relaxed and ready to party and celebrate. A bit like finding the class swot lkes clubbing.
Now I am going to concentrate properly, and see if I can stay up until the end. It’s an hour ahead here and I have a twenty mile bike ride tomorrow.
Thank you to everyone who has made London 2012 so wonderful. I’m loving it.

15 thoughts on “Thank You London, It’s Been a Blast

  1. I’m with you all the way with your thoughts. I was nervous from the moment ‘London’ was announced but goodness me we did it well. I’m hoping to get tickets to the para games and do hope we manage to swell the enthusiasm there too. Enjoy your trip but remember ,there’s only one Bradley Wiggins! πŸ˜‰

  2. Hear, hear on Waterloo Sunset! I’ve seen almost nothing of the Olympics, and missed the opening ceremony, but last night was excellent and London, as always, has risen to the occasion with perfect aplomb.
    So sorry about your friend.

      • Has Sarah heard of the use of Vibroplates to increase circulation in the legs/arms which, it is hoped, will maintain mobility for a longer period? We had a demonstration at the Hospice for MS patients a few weeks ago.

        • PS I don’t know how severe things are with Sarah yet but it would be worth noting that the wheelchair bound patients were able to rest their legs on the platform, or use it for arm exercises and felt some benefit.

  3. London did a lovely job of hosting the Olympics. I thoroughly enjoyed everything that I saw and the city’s spirit boosted everyone to the highest of highs I believe. I’m sure the excitement will carry over to the para games. I am sorry to hear about your friend Isobel.


    • It started out of the blue with persistent back ache. She used to do performance poetry, but can’t do the performance bit anymore. She is a bright, vivacious woman who is showing great courage in the face of an uncertain future.

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