Blue Crocs and Pannier

I love my Crocs. I have two pairs: pale blue and bright green. I prefer comfort to elegance, and although for proper support and cooler days my lace up Fitflops are my first choice, barefeet and Crocs are natural partners. Mine are getting old and smooth. I wasn’t actually sure they still made them, but I saw some in a shop window today.
Blue Crocs and Bare Feet[/caption]
Anyway, I wasn’t really thinking when I slipped them on yesterday afternoon. My mind was more on my new bike pannier which was about to have its first outing. It was only when I had unlocked the bike, got my helmet and gloves on and the pannier attached, that I realised what I was wearing.
Lots of people cycle in Crocs. I’ve seen them. But I never have. I prefer a snugger fit when my feet are on the pedals. Still, my journey was a short one, and I didn’t want to have to go back indoors, so I set off.
They weren’t disastrous, but they didn’t feel right. I won’t wear them to cycle again.
But I am delighted with my pannier. It was great.

My New Blue Pannier

16 thoughts on “Blue Crocs and Pannier

  1. Love the pannier! I am another one who doesn’t like to bike in crocs, or anything really that could slide off. I prefer lace-ups when pedals are involved.

        • Isobel they have biking shoes too but I have no idea if they are functional or just “pretty”. I like the women’s Freewheel with jeans for Fall. I may have to give in and order them. I have checked out your Fitflops before I believe. Isobel don’t feel you have to comment back on my comments. I have to tell you that it is so much fun reading thru your blog posts. I swear it is like picking up a well loved book and reading it again and again. I haven’t even started on the greek boys! I love sitting back and just taking my time….

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