Of Bradley Wiggins, Pets, Names, Squash and Post-Paralympics

Cycled home tonight with a colleague. He has a new dog named after his hero, Bradley Wiggins. He’s hoping it will be Sir Bradley wiggins soon. I saw another friend and waved. As we were going by he called out “We’ve got a new moggie.” We wheeled round to learn more. Sandy and Steve’s beloved cat Winston was mauled to death by two fighting dogs back in March. They thought they would never have another, but returning from Germany they found a scrap of a cat crying on the doorstep. A tortie, her half starved state hadn’t dimmed her character. Her working name was the Piranha for her sharp sharp teeth. Now she is officially Fang the Mighty.
My own gorgeous one was pleased to see me and we had an extended bonding session before he decided it was time to go out where we found Sonny waiting for his dinner.
Talking of the ginger ninja, I am considering changing his online name from NotCat to MasterB. Those of you who have followed this blog for a while know he is NotCat to distinguish him from Cat, my soulmate feline who introduced me to the joys and challenges of life with a cat.
Now NotCat has proved to be my new furry soulmate, I think maybe it’s time he stopped being defined by who he isn’t, and is recognised for the wonderful boy he emphatically is.
Just in case you have forgotten how beautiful he is, here is a photograph.

Beautiful Boy

I spent over an hour talking to one of the two Alans who has been helping me sort my boat. After a brief conversation about fenders we got stuck into the Paralympics. He’d been watching most of the day so got me up to speed. I met another friend as I photographed a couple of bikes for sale to send to another colleague.
“Do you like squash?” she asked. Their allotment has produced far more than they can eat so I have three beautiful specimens in the fridge now. I was saying how I didn’t know I was going to cope after Sunday when the Paralympics end. She nodded. We agreed to meet up at the Thai restaurant midweek and eat our sorrows away.Her partner is a doctor so we may have to avoid the subject of the NHS. I don’t think the Hypocratic oath allows for pins in wax effigies of members of this government.


17 thoughts on “Of Bradley Wiggins, Pets, Names, Squash and Post-Paralympics

  1. I’m in France but thankfully can get an albeit crackly reception for 5Live so we can keep up with what is happening. I think this break will make the hang over a little less severe but I’ll be back in time to see the curtain come down.

  2. Isobel I think getting away from calling him NotCat is the bestest thing I have heard. I never thought about it till this post but he isn’t Cat but he sure has found his way to your heart!
    “I think maybe it’s time he stopped being defined by who he isn’t, and is recognised for the wonderful boy he emphatically is.” So true 🙂 Good Morning to you!

  3. NotCat is a most beautiful boy WHATEVER you decide about his name….gingers rock (!). I’m glad your friends who lost their cat to that violent encounter with fighting dogs have a new feline family member – it sounds like she was in need of a good home. Drowning your sorrows at the pending end of the paralympics at a Thai restaurant sounds like a most excellent idea….. 😀

    Pam (and Sam – another ginger boy)

    • Yes they had thought they would never have another cat. Steve said he picked her up and she clamped herself to his shoulder. I am sure she will soon have the household under her paw.
      Still deciding what NotCat’s new online name should be. Sophie doesn’t go for MasterB and she has met him.

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