Autumnal Moments

It’s not my favourite season. There’s a nip in the air once the sun goes down, and it goes down earlier and earlier. First thing in the morning it was cool enough for me to need my windproof smock on the bike. My fingers told me I should be needing full finger gloves in a month or so.
But once the sun has got going the days are beautiful.
The skies are blue.

The grapes are ripening.

The flowers are still blooming.

The sap still rises.

And it is still warm enough for the ginger ninja to want lie down in the shade.

30 thoughts on “Autumnal Moments

  1. the ginger ninja looks content
    My poor Charlie has been ill. I was up until 3am with him on Sunday night…he was pacing and crying and so distressed. A UTI – not able to wee, blood in it. I was distressed. It was like being a young mother all over again in that awful stage where they can’t tell you where it hurts. He is on the mend now but wow…we are going to be working on a plan to stop that occurring again.

      • No it was a urinary tract infection. he was pacing and trying to wee…barely a teaspoon at a time and bloody. I panicked because I read on the net they can die within hours if they are blocked. But I started syringing water in to him every half hour and after talking to the vet (not extremely helpful) I gave him some pain relief I still had here from his last mishap. Finally about 3 am he lay down and slept. Me I went on the computer to figure out what to do. I have been treating him with apple cider vinegar which he is now on for life. And no more dried food. I feel quite guilty about it all. I have been converting the animals over to a healthier raw diet…but Charlie is digging his heels in and refusing to give up the biscuits. So I caved and gave him them as I was afraid he wasn’t getting enough to eat. Within two days he got sick…and I have my suspicions it had in some part something to do with that. So…we are back to only wet food for the boy. Since he was sick he is less resistant for some reason. It may take time before he is completely used to it but I won’t give in this time.

        • I wondered whether the UTI might be age related as I know elderly folk, viz my mother, are prone to them and they cause all sorts of problems. Cat food is a minefield.
          I follow and she has been v good at answering some questions I have had.

  2. It is one of my favourite months because of the colours it produces.

    BTW – there is a cat in the hotel here at Honfleur but I’m darned if it will let me take it’s picture to share with you!!

  3. Well Isobel Fall is my favorite season so when you started talking about a nip in the air I started to smile. We have a cold front headed our way. I can hardly wait. Jeans and boots-ready. Those grapes look beautiful. Your sweet ginger ninja looks content. Live life like a cat πŸ˜€

    • It’s the short days I don’t like. By December I am used to them, but after summer when it stays light until ten at night, it feels like the world is getting smaller. I can understand after the heat you have suffered that snow, ice and warm jumpers might sound very attractive. πŸ™‚
      My favourite season is spring. It offers such hope.

  4. That top image is particularly *stunning* !! Well done on all of them, actually. I don’t like the decay of autumn, but it has to happen…. not my favourite season either.

    • Gorgeous again today. I am going to take my paperwork and sit outside. I also intend to take my camera so I am preparing for some degree of distraction as well as being with himself.

      • Nice. I particularly resent working in this weather. I want to pull blinds, draw curtains and pretend it isnt all gorgeous out there …. mutter mutter πŸ˜‰

  5. I can never understand peoples love affair with autumn! Yes its pretty in November but also cold, wet and foggy. If this summer must drift away bring on spring please πŸ™‚

  6. I’m one of those odd people who loves Autumn. I know, I shouldn’t admit it since you and many of your followers don’t agree. I love the crisp air and the blue skies. Yesterday was gorgeous. Miles and Att still like to start their mornings laying in the sun, but by the afternoon, they prefer the shade. Wonderful photos Isobel.

    • Admit all you like! Diversity is key. πŸ™‚ my mother used to love autumn colours. I wonder if it is associated with the time of year when one is born? But just remembered that you are also a spring baby, so that won’t work.

      • Years ago I preferred summer. But my body doesn’t like the heat any more. Now I joke that I’ll retire in Alaska and not Florida. We really liked Oslo when we visited this summer, so maybe there. Stockholm was nice πŸ™‚

        • Spring is my second favorite. We were thinking of visiting a friend in the Netherlands, but we found out she’s moving. We’ll have to wait. I do enjoy riding my bike on flat terrain.

        • Thank goodness I don’t have an ipad, I’ve thought about getting one for my birthday last May, but then Atticus had surgery and now I’m waiting for next year. Hopefully Att stays healthy. He seems to be much better now–very spicy all of the time!

  7. Fall is always quite lovely here…..IF we’ve had enough rain during the summer anyway to encourage the beautiful colors on the maples anyway. We’re still having days in the 90s so no feeling of the season quite yet. However my husband DID mention that it was time to order firewood so I suppose that’s the signal that Autumn is truly on its’ way…….!


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