Closing Ceremony Ticket Scare

I am very glad that I have some Irish whiskey in the flat. I may need a large glass of it in a minute or two. I opened my emails and found a message from London 2012.
This is how it started:
Important update from London 2012

We are writing to let you know that the Olympic Park will close early on 9 September in preparation for the Closing Ceremony.

When arriving for your 7-a-side Football event on 9 September, bear in mind that Victoria Gate will be closed for entry from 2pm. You can find further details of gate closures on the London 2012 website

Due to the late finish of your 7-a-side Football event, we suggest you stay inside the Olympic Park after your event to wait for the Closing Ceremony – but please be aware that many of the facilities inside the Park will be closed as the final preparations are made. Follow the directions of staff to a designated area where you can wait to enter the Olympic Stadium.

Lovely, you might think. What’s wrong with that? Well, two things. I don’t have tickets for either 7-a-side Football or the Closing Ceremony. Later in the message, it mentions letting others in my party know. The only tickets available for the Closing Ceremony when I looked the other day started at £250. A message implying I had bought more than one, and tickets for another event, made my heart beat wildly with anxiety.

I tried to log into my account. I got this message:

We are currently experiencing high demand and the page you have requested is temporarily unavailable.

Please do not click on the Back or Refresh button in your browser. We will redirect you to this page as soon as it becomes available.

Alternatively, please come back later and try again.

If you have recently purchased tickets, we will send you a confirmation email with your ticket information.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

I tried the help site and my heart rate returned to normal. At the top of the FAQs was this question and its answer:

I have received an email regarding the Closing Ceremony but I do not have tickets for this event?
If you have received an email regarding the Closing Ceremony but do not have tickets for this event, please accept our apologies as this email was sent in error.

Then it quickened again. What about these 7-a-side Football tickets that I haven’t bought?

I’m still waiting for the site to become less busy.

18 thoughts on “Closing Ceremony Ticket Scare

  1. Thanks for posting this – I’ve just received the same email and have been trying to work out where it’s come from. I have to say, the email looks fishy as hell and the only thing that had me slightly worried is that it was addressed to me by name… But no money has been taken out of my account other than for the other event tickets I’ve bought. I’m also getting the holding page when I try to check my ticket account and no amount of googling has shed any light until I found this page, so thanks for clearing things up!

    • It hade me scrolling through my messages like a mad woman. I did look at the prices for Closing ceremony tix, and thought maybe I had bought them in error, but I could only find my day pass for tomorrow. I hope no one has a cardiac arrest from the shock of the email. So did you find me via google?

  2. I think you don’t need to worry..I received the exact same mail and I have neither tickets for the football or closing ceremony..You seem to seen the situation as half-empty rather than reaction was that maybe somehow I’ve been given the tickets by mistake or as some kind of ‘gesture of good will’ from London 2012 and I was hoping to find those tickets listed in my account…Like you though it hasnt been possible to access the site..probably because there’s millions of people checking about their football and closing ceremony tickets that they didnt know they had 🙂 !!

  3. The same thing happened to me. I was quite surprised then panicked that I had inadvertently bought them! I was more worried that folks who had bought & paid for tickets fir 7-a-side football & closing ceremony had not got them.

  4. Just got this:

    Important update from London 2012

    Dear Isobel

    Our records show that you were sent an email from London 2012 earlier today relating to a 7-a-side Football event and the Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony . Unfortunately you were sent this email in error. Please disregard this email.
    We apologise for any confusion or inconvenience caused.

    Best wishes
    London 2012 Ticketing team

    No worries. 🙂

      • Some, but not all. Been doing some intensive medical research on t’internet. I think Wiggo will have a job to win BBC Sports Personality of the year against Ellie Simmonds….
        Shame as he’s had a stupendous year but…. 😉

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