Paralympics People in the Park

It was pretty busy. There lots of people when I got to the park. Most of them were moving with purpose.


Some had dressed in flags.

Wearing the Flag

Some were hedging their bets.

Cloak of Many Flags

Some had done their hair.

Retro Punk

Quite a few were in school uniforms.

Yet More People

Some looked tired.

Hot and Tired

I am in this photograph somewhere, but there are no prizes for finding me.
And these two will have been there again today. That’s Boris on the left and Jaeson on the right.

Boris and Jaeson

Jaeson told me that Boris had missed his summer holidays this year. The Jubilee, then both sets of games have meant sacrifices. Normally he’d have had two weeks at the sea, running on the sands and in the shallows, a break from his work as a member of the Metropolitan Police. It is only as I type this that I realise that probably means Jaeson hasn’t had his hols either.
So a big thank-you to both of them, and my apologies to Boris that there was nothing interesting in my bag despite his hopeful look.


10 thoughts on “Paralympics People in the Park

    • It took me quite a while to find myself in it! There are lots of police houses in the Park. The children seem fascinated by their dung! Boris and Jaeson have been there for most of these games and the Olympics too. Jaeson said he was now looking forward to them being over now. Boris is 15 and very lively, while the horse to the left, whose name I didn’t find out, is only five, and looked like he was about to nod off. I rummaged for somethingin my bag and Bois was all attention. A little girl wanted her photo taken with him, and Jaeson said she needed to finish her ice cream fist or Boris would have it!

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