Looking for a Home

He looks very relaxed, and seems to have been well cared for, but this ginger lad was abandoned at the vet’s.
His owners took him there to be neutered, and never collected him.

The Lad

They presumably left false names and telephone numbers as they can’t be traced. So here he is, languishing in the cattery until someone offers him a good home.

42 thoughts on “Looking for a Home

  1. People are so bad to animals….poor kitty but now he has a true chance to be loved and wanted by the right owners….praying you will find him a perfect and good home:) God Bless him and you:)

  2. Isobel he’s a beautiful ginger boy isn’t he? Love that tail and that look on his face….no doubt wondering why his so-called caretakers took him to the vet then never came to get him. He’s gorgeous though – I hope one of your London friends decides they simply CAN’T do without him! It’s so good of you to try and help that happen………Good luck……truly.


    • Yes, it must all be a bit disorientating. the cattery says he is affectionate so I am guessing he has been used to attention and is missing it. It’s impossible to know why his owners abandoned him, but they seem to have thought it through to make sure he would be alright.

    • I reckon it was probably because for whatever reason they could not take care of him any more and all the rehoming centres are full. It must have been planned as they gave false contact details.
      The students I got MasterB from couldn’t get him into a centre and advertised him on Gumtree. That is quite a risk, though I gave them pix of Cat, and offered references from the cattery and the vet.

  3. He looks like a blonde Ginger and I would so love to have a blonde Ginger – sadly three cats are probably my limit. Mackenzie is scrawny and bald from having Doodles come to stay and goodness only knows how Bertha would react – the house would be even stinkier!

    He is gorgeous and I hope he finds a very good home soon.

    • A blonde ginger, is that the correct term? I should have known I could rely on you to bring sme cat knowledge here. Shame you can’t have him, but four cats is rather a lot. You would be getting a reputation.
      Still, maybe you know someone who would like him, and then you could visit. 🙂

      • I think blonde Ginger is my term – I think it might be cream or apricot in pedigree terms.

        I’m actually breaking the missives on my house by having three animals – there is a limit of two (but there are also rules about commercial vehicles and caravans that are broken regularly and Doodles seems happy to be confined to the garden).

        • The Cattery described him as pink champagne!
          Interesting that there is an official limit to the number of pets you can have in your house. I have never heard of that before.

        • Pink champagne? Interesting. It’s a difficult colour to describe.

          The number of animals is just an extension of the other types of rules – I might not be allowed farm animals (eg chickens). It’s a bit like Quakers owning land and saying it cannot be used for anything to do with alcohol, or don’t you have something that says you can only have pets if they aren’t a nuisance?

        • I may go and see him later, so I shall report back if I do.
          I’d love chickens, they always look as they are riding bicycles and investigating thoroughly. Like the a village post mistress.
          Yes, We have that clause in our leases, terminally vague.

  4. he is beautiful. at least he wasn’t dumped in the street. i hope he finds a forever home soon Isobel. you should ask Rumpy Dog to mention him as well…they have a huge following on the blog

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