Pink Flowers of Love and Hope

Beautiful flowers. How it makes the heart lift to look at them.

Wild Flowers

Blue is my favourite colour, along with green, so I had to take this picture.


But pink is supposed to be the colour of love and hope, so this one is particularly special.

Pink for Love and Hope

Because all these flowers are at the Olympic and Paralympic Park, now quiet as London settles into autumn, but it will reopen, and the flowers will bloom next year, and I hope that the people who see them will be as happy and appreciative as the people who saw them this summer.


14 thoughts on “Pink Flowers of Love and Hope

    • Yes, isn’t it?
      I have the feeling that we are at quite an important juncture. We can either grasp what happened this summer, nurture it, help it to grow, or just let it go and consign it to history.

  1. Your photos take me back to the first time I experienced a field of flowers. I couldn’t have been more than 8. Magical. I slowed down and gawked, touched, ran my fingers over the flower heads. Learned “cow parsley” and have thought about that name for almost 50 years now! >:-D

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