September Fox

I was doing the washing up when I noticed the fox, curled up on the wall and fast asleep.

Curled Up

This is a new young fox, a male. I felt quite envious of his ability to snooze the afternoon away. Maybe it had been a heavy night. When I next looked, he had woken up, but still looked sleepy.

Waking Up

The sun had gone behind a cloud, maybe it was the change of temperature that woke him. He had a prolonged scratch.

A Good Scratch

That seemed to wake him up fully, and he looked much more alert.

Properly Awake

He stopped scratching and had a good look round. Then he stretched luxuriously.

Starting the Stretch

Following Through

He pushed his nose into the greenery and I thought he was going to walk around the wall, and possibly jump down into our garden.

On the Move

I was wrong. He was looking for a more discreet place to curl up.

Getting Under the Covers

You might just be able to see a glimpse of his fur through the leaves.

Back in Bed


33 thoughts on “September Fox

    • Maybe you are seeing things from the animal’s point of view? Demonised and hunted in the country because of the threat to farmers, portrayed as savage and vermin in towns; the fox has been told it has no home. As humans spread out its territory is taken away. When it hunts to survive and kills the chickens, the geese etc, we shoot it.
      Fortunately for the fox, as a species it is a survivor, and so far we have managed to eradicate it. It does cause global warming, has not stood for high office and then let us down, is not an arms trader. It stands a better chance of welcome at the pearly gates than the human race.

  1. Oh wow…would this qualify as awesome? In my book it does. I would love to see him and how relaxed he is. And I think animals go have the right to life on this planet. who would not want to see this beautiful creature? I know I may be naive and I’m sure plenty of humans will tell me so. I don’t have to listen or believe them though.

    • I don’t think awesome applies here for me. I am not awed when I see the fox. I delight in seeing him. Awe might be a polar bear. 🙂
      And if people call you naive, I disagree with them. We are supposed to custodians, protecting, not destroying.

        • Or maybe the destroying group are just louder? I don’t know. I was shocked to hear someone saying that they had the eating on already as it was his ‘right’ to be able to walk around his home in shorts and t shirt if he wanted.
          More shots of Briar Fox coming up.

  2. Great shots! I am a bit jealous…..I don’t have any wildlife close enough to my house to see, let alone get pics of. Well, except for the birds and the squirrels, but they both have a pesky habit of refusing to stay still long enough for anyone to capture on film. 😀

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