On the Beach, 1911

While I was looking for pictures of Aunt Eve yesterday, I spent quite a while looking at other old family photos. I love this one.

Sidney with Edith and Dorothy

The man in the middle is my grandfather. It is 9th August 1911. The two girls are sisters. Edith became his wife. I am guessing she is the one on the right. She died in the flu’ epidemic of 1918. My grandmother was her best friend. She broke off her engagement to another man to marry Sidney and be mother to the twins, by then just two years old. One of those twins is my Aunt Kath who will be 97 in March.


45 thoughts on “On the Beach, 1911

    • Wow. Great pic. What bikes. πŸ™‚ I have some push bike pix to post too, but can’t see any of motorcycles, though my father had one.
      Is this your own photo r one from the police archives? Any particular reason why it was taken do you know?

  1. Skip my last comment and we’re in sync. We had this problem before. I don’t think WordPress allows photos in threads. Maybe you have to post it as part of your blog. Whatever, do with it as you will.

    Treated myself to a Summilux 50 recently, which brings my kit up to what I ‘need.’ I say ‘need’ because I could at a pinch get by with just the Summicron 35 but I started to miss the old ‘standard’ 50mm lens and the ‘lux is of course f1.4 which makes it ideal for the photography I like best, street stuff mostly. All Summicrons are f2.0 and I have a 90 as well so that’s the lot before I have to mortgage my house.

    No, I’m not 104 just yet! I don’t know why it was taken (in the central police station yard, those are the backs of boarding houses), maybe it was the local Gazette, maybe it was to mark the formation of the unit, maybe it was just a memento. It was obviously a pretty good camera, so perhaps it’s a press pic rather than from a Box Brownie.

    The year before the Great Crash.

    The sun always shone then.

    I’ll post the odd pic from time to time, if that’s OK with you.

  2. You can post pix in comments. I’ve done it, I just don’t remember how. It would be interesting to know if there was a story in the local paper to go with the photo. By all means post pix in comments if they are relevant to the post.

  3. Sorry, I butted in.

    I love the picture. I don’t think I can go back quite that far though I have a picture of my grandfather who looking just like Wyatt Earp (he was chief of the CID). Can you imagine dressing up like that to go on the beach today?

    That certainly wasn’t Blackpool because they have miles of glorious sand there, so I’m guessing it is Brighton. Right?

  4. Have you two finished flirting? Don’t worry, it entertains me. πŸ™‚ Happy birthday for Friday, Pix.
    My aunt wrote ‘maybe Brighton’ on the back of the photo, so I don’t know. But they lived in London, so south coast I would guess. I wonder if they have been cycling.
    How many generations of police in yr family Badger?

  5. people who live for very old ages are like a bless to a society, its great to have them around, they could really teach us many lessons

    • I have several relatives who are nonagenarians, and more who are octogenarians, so you are welcome to share their pooled wisdom! We also learn about their frailty, and slow diminishing of human strength.

    • We have a lot of pictures from the late C19 onwards. Unfortunately, they have not all been annotated. There used to be a cut out silhouette of a lady from a previous generation, but no one knows what became of it.

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