Cat and Lantern

I’m starting to think of photos for next year’s calendar of MasterB for two of my aunts. I think this one could be a contender for September.

MasterB, Tree and Lantern

Any thoughts?
I meant to get organised for this months ago. My good intentions came to nothing, but now I’m starting to make initial selections. Whether this one makes the final cut, I don’t yet know.

34 thoughts on “Cat and Lantern

      • I imagine we all think that about our cats. I must confess that I like cats with symetrical markings on their faces, and I think Janh has something with her big eyes/little nose theory. Bertha goes one further with her outlined pink nose, although she can appear quite plain in some photographs.

        • I think it is only right we think our pets are the most beautiful and the best. 🙂
          MasterB has always been stunningly good looking, but it is as his character has developed that I have come to love him more and more.

  1. Isobel that’s a really great photo of your boy….certainly most “calendar-worthy”….he’s so wonderfully photogenic he’s the purrrrfect subject for a calendar series……….

    Pam (and Sam)

  2. well its great it seems like he is saying good bye, and just to be sure, masterB is Notcat, right?
    BTW, look at my friend’s cat, he looks like masterB’s lost twin brother, lol

  3. Welll…. I followed your blog because of the cats but WHAAA whyyyy spiders? The best and worst things in life!

    • I don’t mind spiders in the garden. They annoy me on my boat because they poo everywhere and I walk into their cobwebs. I’m afraid my blog is full of all sorts of bits and pieces, though you probably won’t ever find pictures of snakes here, or recipes involving meat. 🙂

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