Working Out Their Relationship

I’m about to dash off again, but I had a quick look at yesterday’s photos of MasterB and Ginger and thought to share these three.
While Ginger is definitely domineering, MasterB confuses and disorientates him with his invitations to play. He really didn’t know what to do when MasterB waved a paw at him, and ended up breaking eye contact and turning away.

Come and Get Me

MasterB was not prepared to give up easily, and tapped Ginger on the head playfully through the slats of the chair. Again, Ginger did not join in, and looked nonplussed. MasterB tried tapping him several more times with Ginger increasingly perplexed. It was obviously not aggressive on MasterB’s part, and I think Ginger couldn’t read his behaviour at all. Were he a fearsome cat, I think he would have gone for the ginger ninja. MasterB gave up.

Come On, Play With Me

In the end, I felt sorry for Ginger and gave him the old catnip sock. He likes that and understands it. Maybe it’s a generation thing.

Ginger Likes Catnip

17 thoughts on “Working Out Their Relationship

  1. It seems to me that Ginger was taunting MasterB by sitting so closely under the chair. I hope they get their styles of playing in sync before too long. No doubt it’d be lots of fun to watch.

  2. I would have felt sorry for Ginger too Isobel. MasterB is being a polite young boy trying to get Ginger to play. Maybe Ginger is just an old man with no imagination. MasterB finds fun and interest in every little thing!

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