Presents of Mind

No that’s not a typo in the title. I received a parcel today. I had to collect it from the sorting office as I was out when the postman tried to deliver it. I thought it was probably the new router my ISP has promised me in return for my continued fidelity to it for the next twelve months.
But it was much more fun than that. The handwriting told me it was from my friend Sue in Texas, Houston actually, where according to the Rough Guide, they are too hip to hoedown. I couldn’t possibly comment.

Once home, MasterB’s needs and then Ginger’s presence in the garden claimed my attention, so at least an hour passed before I slit the tape and opened the box. I lifted the top layer of bubble wrap and saw this.

Open the Box

Like the nicest boxes of chocolates, there was more than one layer. I lifted out my first delights, and this is what lay below.

Second Layer

And at the very bottom, under another piece of bubble wrap, a card. I surveyed my lovely gifts. They are so beautiful, I don’t want to unwrap them.

And a Card Too

I’ve checked with Sue that I am not supposed to leave these until Christmas, and she says it’s my call. So I have unzipped the little pink purse and found earrings and a sweet charm of a lotus. I don’t know when I’ll open the others. I just love the way they look at the moment, and the anticipation of what they contain. But most of all, I love the thought behind them. How wonderful to have a friend who sends such gifts.
Thank-you Sue.


19 thoughts on “Presents of Mind

  1. Dear Sue
    The McSpecs in Belfast are wonderful people, friendly to all and kind to an old animal. They, Speccy at least, would like to make your acquaintance and become your friends.
    (The McSpecs like prezzies.)
    Yours etc

  2. Such beautifully wrapped goodies…..I would do as you are – slowly open them in time giving each its “special day” or moment to reveal a surprise. How nice to have a friend like that!


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