Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Tonight, from my bedroom window, I give you the London Eye.

The Eye at Sunset


30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

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  2. Fore someone like myself who doesn’t see it day in and day, you don’t think of it as a moving thing. I have never seen it shot as a closeup, mostly it seen in a city panoramic shot where it just kinda blends into the city lights. But with the ‘eye’ close to being squared off by the 90 degree silhouette fore front at right, it’s pods along a circle, the inward linear guide lines and trailing blue lights all which soften by a sensational sunset, there is a feeling that there is life to it.

    Another thing I like about this picture is the sunset. As I’m almost on the side of that horizon tonight, we were robbed of that sunset by thick black autumn storms clouds -it feels like snow in the air here tonight.

    • Close ups of the Eye from just below it on the South Bank are very dramatic. I’ll see if I have any to hand. Whereabouts are you? It was pretty mild here last night, grey this morning but dry, the prospect of snow makes me shiver. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Nice picture. You’ve used maximum tele I suspect, so I’m (wildly) guessing that’s from somewhere in Lambeth, always assuming I’ve got the orientation of the wheel right of course.

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