Ground Level

After yesterday’s grey skies, today was bright and mild. At ground level in the garden, some things are growing, some things have fallen, and some seem to mysteriously hang onto water.
We have various types of funghi, most are dull or menacing, but this one I like.

Cup Cake Funghi

I love the strawberry fruit. The blackbirds do too, but for different reasons. One of my neighbours complains they are messy.

Strawberry Fruit and Leaf


It didn’t rain, but these leaves were wet.

Surface Tension


But one member of our local wildlife, out in the neighbouring street, was less interested in nature than in scavenging the dustbins.


20 thoughts on “Ground Level

  1. I really like your choice of images, Isobel. And the calendar shot made a lovely header. We are now in southern Florida and the light is so different that I’m having a hard time knowing when and how to capture the hundreds of flowers and all the green “northern” houseplants that grow outside here. I can’t even make them look good with photo editing. I haven’t gotten an image that excites me yet. Tomorrow is another day.

    • Thanks Pat. That photo didn’t make the final cut for the calendar, so i thought it could have a whirl as the header.
      Sounds like you have a photo challenge on your hands. Have you tried shielding the lens to take off some of the light’s glare? Or would macro work? Good luck.

  2. Love your cupcake! Don’t think I have seen one of those before.
    Here is seems to be a year for Lawyer’s Wigs – no idea what their proper name is, but they are everywhere.
    The strawberry fruit and snowberries look wonderful together.

    • Lawyer’s wigs? Cupcakes? We may not be scientific, but we know how to describe our funghi.
      I only just photographed them in time. yesterday, they were all claered away. 😦

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