A Slice of Life

We’ve tipped into winter. And just to underline that fact, the clocks went back last night. Lovely to have an extra hour in bed, but it is almost dark and barely five o’clock. There are times when I think those animals that hibernate have the right idea. But if I were a hedgehog I should eat worms have fleas and risk being squashed every time I crossed the road. There are good reasons why I have never seen a hedgehog in my patch of London.
Today has been about domesticity; boot cleaning, washing, ironing, making soup, baking my first purple cake. It doesn’t look so purple now it’s cooked, but I had notions that Prince might be placing an order and my pension worries could be vanquished.
I used frozen fruit, letting it defrost and drain for a good hour, then stirred it into the mixture in the usual way. I wish I had taken photographs, but that’s another thing about winter, indoor photography is a bit, well, dull.
Outside it wasn’t the brightest day either, but MasterB enjoyed himself hunting in the leaves, showing off his party trick of dancing on the railings to a neighbour, racing up and down the trees, spying on the neighbours from the top of the wall, lying down on the recycling bag.

Bag Puss

By the afternoon he was tired, so he remade my bed and had a snooze.

Afternoon Snooze

I’m going to get on with my tax return now. The excitement is almost overwhelming me. Fingers crossed the locals decide it’s too cold to be out letting off fireworks, or MasterB will be spending the evening inside.


26 thoughts on “A Slice of Life

  1. at last am the first to like and comment 🙂
    by the way, the extra hour last night was for me to stay awake not sleep, :p

  2. Nooooooooooo! I’m not ready to fall back time wise. I don’t want to let go of October. I do love November but after that I just want to skip on to Spring, forget summer and have Fall again. Nice to see Master B all bright eyed. I want to curl up in that comfortable looking bed! Live like a cat!

      • Our heating system in Boston was controlled by the building manager. It was always super hot in our apartment and I would wear shorts inside during the winter. Not sure why they blasted the heat but there was no way to turn it down. Miles wore his jacket yesterday and had a grand time chasing leaves.

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