Crow Cat

Sonny comes and goes. He turned up in the rain last night and immediately demanded his dinner. I blame his mother. He is completely unreconstructed. I put down some food for him and briefly touched his head. He gave me a soundless hiss.
“Listen mate,” I told him, “I haven’t ever hurt you or tried to, you demand meals and I feed you with no strings attached, how about some reciprocative politeness?” He gave me a narrow eyed look and tucked into his Whiskas.
He was around today too. At half past six this morning he trotted into the garden where I had escorted MasterB and gave me his corvine miaow. Was he raised by ravens? If so, does the Spanish proverb hold good?*
He’s a handsome beast though.

Son of Crows?

Every time MasterB sees Sonny he approaches him with his tail held up like the flag of friendship. At best, Sonny tolerates him. Sometimes he ignores him, if he’s hungry and I’m there without food, he’ll hiss at him, and if he is feeling particularly stressed, he’ll hiss and make a move to attack him. Still, MasterB wants to be in Sonny’s gang. He watches him and tracks him round the garden.

Watching Sonny

I look forward to the day when Sonny responds to MasterB’s enthusiastic greetings with a similarly friendly tail. Until then, MasterB will probably being playing alone.


*Cría cuervos y te sacarán los ojos translates as raise ravens, and they’ll take out your eyes. It is also the title of a brilliant film made decades ago.

26 thoughts on “Crow Cat

  1. i wonder how cats takeover my days, i dont have a cat myself, but they are always there, today i just saw a cat at the university for the first time, he was with a dark fur, but not as dark as sonny, i took some pictures, they werent great, but cool

  2. Isobel I don’t know about the size of that tree but it looks to me that Master B is getting to be a big boy and I don’t mean fat. Do you think he is going to be a big cat? Sonny’s tail looks a little floofed out!

    • I am glad you said he wasn’t fat! Funnily enough, when I picked him up yesterday I thought he was getting heavier. Sonny is so sure of himself, he rarely has to put on a display. He did with Cat because Cat challenged him, but MasterB wants to be friends. That has just made me remember all the times when I would yell at Sonny out of the window when he was about to fight with Cat, and stare him down. So in some way, I was the alpha cat. 🙂

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