Not The Cat’s Mother

Sherlock Holmes wouldn’t need so much as a sniff of cocaine to see it, and Poirot’s grey cells would feel quite underexercised. Jane Marple probably wouldn’t deem it worth noting, and Jane Tennison would see it as fluffiness beneath interest. If you read my blog you know I like animals. It’s in the genes. Both sides of my family are stuffed with animal lovers. I can’t think of a single relative who doesn’t smile when they meet a dog. Any non animal-lover in the clan would be regarded as a changeling.
But there are some things I baulk at. I was less than impressed when the vet referred to me as MasterB’s mum. I am not his mum. He’s a cat. I am a human. He is a companion animal, my responsibility, and I love him to bits, but there are no ties of blood. Cat drew my blood frequently, but that still didn’t make us related. When I was growing up, to be called the cat’s mother was not a compliment.
‘Who’s She?’ demanded Nurse. ‘She’s the cat’s mother’ (from Compton Mackenzie’s novel Sinister Street, 1913).
Nor do I wish MasterB could talk. Beautiful though he is, as a conversationalist I think he would lack the levels of intellectual debate that give good conversation a certain zing. I always felt Cat’s conversation would have revolved around being groomed, fighting and prawns. Fat chance of any discussion about literature.
I love my pets because of what and how they are, not as imitation humans. There are quite enough human beings on the planet (and haven’t we made enough mess?) without turning animals into our replicas. So you’ll appreciate that when it comes to dressing animals up in costumes for Hallowe’en, Christmas or any other occasion, I am agin it. It’s undignified. If you like dressing things up, get a doll. As for the Chinese fashion for dying their pets’ coats rainbow colours, or making dogs look like lions, cats like pandas or whatever, I think the UN should be brought in.
I hope that’s clear.

29 thoughts on “Not The Cat’s Mother

  1. I sometimes refer to myself as my parrots’ or cats’ “Mom” but I look at it as meaning “attendant” rather than “having given birth to”. 🙂

  2. I liked this a lot. Reminded me of mum, who used to correct me with that “‘She’ is the cat’s mother” put-down. You should have seen the “pet costumes” shop in Tokyo. You could dress your dog or cat up as any member of the uniformed services and dozens of other occupations. Total and utter lunacy!! 😀

    • Having seen how much Cat disliked even his life jacket which was very light, and how it affected his balance I am very anti costumes for cats. Dog oats I can handle. Some need them. But costumes are so undignified. Ugh.

  3. My cats are definitely my ‘babies’ – I am their protector but I’m not ‘She’ (and I was told off about that too).

    Does a collar made out of tinsel or a bow for the Christmas card count as dressing up? They do have a Santa hat somewhere but the novelty lasted about 10 seconds because it wasn’t designed for a cat’s head.

    • I am not really happy about either of those options, mainly because they don’t sound safe. Cat didn’t even wear a collar unless he was on das Boot, and MasterB only wears one to alert neighbours to his arrival.
      Your babies, but not surrogate humans.

  4. So I guess MasterB won’t end up looking like a lion any time soon. Thank God for that. The fur babies and I will just be huddled together tonight while I start work on NaNoWriMo…au natural.

      • When Jess is home she asks Chevvy all the time: “Where’s Mum?” I guess I consider them my adopted babies. Not that I would ever push human crap on to them. They are the FUR babies – there is a difference. But like my own kids [the human ones] I am responsible for their welfare…so I don’t mind the Mum so much. As for the talking…I wouldn’t mind be able to communicate when they are sick. Life would be so much easier if they could tell me what the hell was wrong.

  5. Miles does wear sweaters and jackets during the winter months. He freezes his butt off once the temperature dips below 70. What’s that in Celsius? I probably should learn that.

  6. I can understand how you feel about being referred to as “Mum” when in fact you aren’t one but I have never minded being called that by vets or even people through the years who have sought my advice or comfort. I’m Sam’s caretaker not his feline mother obviously but since she abandoned him and his siblings when they were helpless and unable to care for themselves, I stepped into the caretaker role and “became” his mother for all intents and purposes. It’s a role I’m most happy with since I never had human children of my own. As for costumes, clothes, etc. I do think that’s ridiculous – Sam hates wearing a collar although he “puts up” with wearing a harness when he’s outdoors…..and he’ll “put up” with wearing a scarf on a special occasion such as Christmas – long enough for me to snap his photo ONLY! He is, after all, a cat. I have no illusions about that but in my heart I most definitely AM his “Mom”………

    Hugs, Pam

  7. Well Isobel I promise not to call you Master B’s Mom.. 😉 I do think he is a most lucky cat that you love him to bits! I read a few blogs, as you know, that the human blogger has their dog and/or cat do the talking. The ones I read/follow I enjoy and find them humorous. I do think it can be carried too far. If I had a cat I don’t think I would have it talking on my blog, that just isn’t me. I would sound like a dork.. 🙂 I don’t think I thought of myself as Z’s Mom or Mom to any of our kitties although I did get a Mom card from Z here and there for the holidays sent by way of CH. I do know that I loved her with all my heart and believed as you and Pam do that I was responsible for her in every way. We never made her wear a tutu… 😀 I miss her Fuzz Face and stand up happy tail more than I ever thought possible. She will always be tucked away in a special place in my heart.

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