Of Dead Batteries, Kaput Kindles, Journeys Not Taken, and Margaret Attwood

Today has not gone to plan. I suppose that’s not unusual. My life isn’t run on military lines. But tonight I was supposed to be at the marina, aboard das Boot, and I’m not. I’m at home in London. My car battery has been playing up. I don’t drive very often, and thought that was probably the problem. So I checked it last night and the car started at once. This morning, as I began to pile bits and pieces into the boot, I thought I should check again before I got as far as loading the cat. Just as well. It was as dead as a dodo.
The garage made herculean efforts and got me a battery by early afternoon, but by that time I had decided to cut my losses and get on with things here. So, the new router is now set up and the old one advertised on Freecycle. No takers yet. I stocked up o frozen fruit for my next cake baking at the weekend, then had a long chat with Aunt who has not been well, made an enquiry into how much it would cost to have fifty cards printed, and did a bit of videoing of MasterB. I fed Sonny three times by one o’clock. That cat has hollow legs. I took some photos in the garden and neighbouring streets.
I was going to take my Kindle away, so thought I’d check the battery. Uhoh. Kindle was behaving very strangely. I tried the reset without success, then arranged for a call from Amazon. It was a terrible line, but it is a good service. They called me within five minutes. It wasn’t the news I wanted though. My Kindle was declared unrepairable; kaput. “We can offer you a discount on a new one,” the voice at the other end of the line said indistinctly. I wasn’t sure. I’ve had my Kindle less than two years. I expected it to last longer. “£51,” he said persuasively. “Can I think about it?” I asked. “Of course, but I do not know how long this offer is available for. Shall I put you through to sales and you can place your order now?” I explained again that I should like to think about it for a bit and could he find out how long the offer lasted. He agreed, said it would be open for a week or more, and promised to send me an email to confirm.
The email arrived. The price was now £55 with an unspecified amount of postage on top.
At the bottom of the email I was asked to respond saying whether or not I was happy with the service I had received. Given the price increase of £4 in less than five minutes, no I was not. I got another call. It was explained to me that the screens were showing the wrong price, but £55.20 was in fact the correct one. I restrained myself from pointing out that the price had just risen again. Instead I asked about the longevity of the Kindle. The man was sympathetic. He didn’t actually say I had a duff model, but he implied it and then offered to sell me a replacement at £51, including postage as that as the price I was quoted. I agreed. Then he came back and said actually he could do me a better deal, £35. Strangely enough I accepted with some alacrity. Perhaps if I had hummed hawed he would have ended up offering to pay me to have new Kindle, but life is too short for some haggling.
The queue at the post office was moderate, so in a few days Mother’s youngest sister in Belfast should receive my copy of Savage Lands by Clare Clarke.
I’ve scribbled down some ideas for my Greek Gods stories and wondered about posting them on Wattpad. After all, if it is good enough for Margaret Attwood. I see there’s a new installment of the Zombie story she’s writing with Naomi Alderwood. That can be my bedtime reading. I don’t remember the title, but I know it reminds me of a Colin Cotterill novel.
Now to order some wine and a printer cartridge.
So a day that hasn’t gone to plan, but not a day wasted.

26 thoughts on “Of Dead Batteries, Kaput Kindles, Journeys Not Taken, and Margaret Attwood

    • Harvey’s Bristol Cream? I don’t like sherry very much. I have several bottles of Crofts from Mother’s house. Or Harvey’s beer? Not much of a beer drinker either. Going to try to order wine with Patrick, my garagiste. He is very keen.

  1. Goodness I would have thought a kindle should last a sight longer than that! thanks for mentioning wattpad, I’ve looked at ether a few times and sent a story but they wanted a few minor changes and I didn’t resend it. Wattpad might be better. An you should definitely send your Gods!

    • Yes, I think it should. Maybe that’s why I was offered such a favourable price for the new one.
      You open an account on Wattpad and upload what you like. If you are on FB,which I am not, it is probably a good way of gaining audiences and feedback. Stuff is very variable. Lots of teen writers. I struggle with genre always. I wanted to read a spy story, but didn’t find one. However I have saved a few stories to read. I have never heard of Ether.
      I can see I may have to join FB at some point 😦

  2. What a busy day. Bad news about the car battery and Kindle. I’m a little concerned about the Kindle news since I’m considering getting one. Do they really only last two years? I’ll have to research this. And talk about fishy with the changing prices of a replacement.

    • My friend has had one for much longer. Had they not offered such a good replacement deal I would probably have looked into another type.
      Talk about fishy? That’s a new one on me. Oh I’ve just reread. I do know the expression.:)You could always get an iPad mini and have the kindle app.

        • I am using my iPad right now. 🙂 you can get reconditioned ones from Apple sometimes and still get the Apple guarantee and support. I have heard great things of Samsung too. But I have a MacBook laptop, so it is nice to have things that talk to each other. That is the problem with having a Samsung phone. But it is cheaper. A trip to somewhere like John Lewis might help where they are not pushing one particular product, or go to one of the Apple stores and play. I don’t know how much the IPad minis cost. Tracy Pease does lots of reviews on her page.http://iosaffairs.com/2012/10/24/roundup-review-oct-23-apple-ipad-announcements/
          She is also very good about answering questions.

  3. There’s an article today (This Year, Gift Ideas in Triplicate) in the business section of the NYT which might be helpful, too. It’s hard to believe that the first Kindle came out in Nov. 2007. Sorry that yours is gone too soon. Despite the trials of the day, you certainly made the most of it.
    I will follow your stories of the Greek Gods anywhere and enjoy Wattpad. Thanks for telling me about it.

    • The connection here is dodgy. I am using the iPad and the WordPress App, but I can’t see everything, and when I try other pages it is a disaster, so I shall read your link when I get home.
      Apparently votes are important on Wattpad. I am not sure why. There is a lot f rubbish there too. I seem to be reading most of it. So vote for me!!!!!

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