Gift Puppy

This is Logan. Short, in my head at least, for Loganberry. Really he has been called after an enterprising five-year-old who has raised thousands for charity with his homemade Olympic Torch.


He’s my puppy. Or at least as close as I am going to get for the time being to having a puppy. Totally and utterly adorable. Don’t you just love puppies, and black Labradors make my heart turn over.
Here he is with his mum. She is gorgeous too.

Logan With His Mum

I should have more pictures of him as he grows up. He is less than five-months-old. I shall probably never meet him. He’s going to be an assistance dog, more precisely a Hearing Dog for the Deaf, and I am one of many sponsors helping to pay for his training.
Here he is with his sibling.

Logan to the Left

As Christmas draws near, I am wondering about those gifts of sponsorship. Most of us have all that we need. So far, I have bought a harness for a working equine from the Brooke to give to my 96-year-old aunt, and some crew essentials from the RNLI for some friends. I hope they will be more welcome than the bubble bath or knitted gloves I might otherwise have bought.
Sometimes, a Dog is For Life, but also for Christmas.

21 thoughts on “Gift Puppy

    • If you read the accounts by people who have received hearing dogs you see how they transform lives. Deafness can be a very lonely, isolating condition. A dog brings people back into the world.

  1. Logan is beyond adorable as is his sibling…puppies always make my heart leap – baby animals just do that to me. So vulnerable and precious. Anyway, good on you for sponsoring him – I bet he’s a real star!


  2. How *wonderful* Isobel!! Shame you’ll never meet him but it will be lovely keeping track through news and photos. Such a great idea, that scheme, because you have the companionship of a beautifully-trained dog and a practical helper!

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