Skyfall: Virgins No More

We came over Waterloo Bridge after sunset and to the east St Paul's dominated the view. I never tire of it. There were coloured lights and white lights and the blackness of the river. It looked just like it did on Skyfall.

We suspended our disbelief, peeped through our fingers, laughed and gasped through Skyfall. From the start, London was the one of the co-stars. The underground car park by Smithfield Market led us into the relocated MI6. Fortunately for this vegetarian, they had moved the meat carcasses, but the offices with their half moon windows were as I remember them from a visit nearly twenty years ago. There were aerial views of the city, a scene filmed from a rooftop on Whitehall by the Ministry of Defence, Trafalgar Square, underground stations, the National Gallery. I had my London anorak firmly on throughout.

I really enjoyed the interplay between the the lead actors. Usually I feel a certain pity for actors forced to share a screen with Judi Dench, because when she gets into her stride, she simply eclipses everyone else with the merest twitch of the eyebrow. Her portrayal of a woman in fear for her life was a master class on its own. But the film felt like a real ensemble effort, and my instinct was that everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves.


It was also something of a travelogue. Not just London, but also Scotland, and I am sure I recognise that view as they drive into the Highlands. Is it Glencoe? Personally, it didn’t make me want to visit Shanghai, but some people might be quite happy to spend an evening in the company of monitor lizards. I think that's what they were, but do correct me if I have mistaken my reptiles.

I enjoyed the various homages to earlier Bond films, but I am sure I missed loads that serious Bond aficionados would be clocking. The dialogue was dry, pithy, much tighter and funnier than I had anticipated.

Only as we left the cinema and I confessed that this was my first Bond film did I learn that my friend too had been a Bond virgin. Somehow that struck us as very funny that two women of a certain age, who could truthfully be said to have grown up in the Bond era, should now be discovering what the rest of the world has been enjoying all these years.


13 thoughts on “Skyfall: Virgins No More

  1. Love your post! Glad you enjoyed the movie too. Yes – as always it’s a travelogue, and does great justice to London.
    You’ll have to rent the DVDs and spend a few thrilling evenings catching up on some of the others. Didn’t rate Quantum of Solace myself, but the first Daniel Craig one was excellent and so were the Pierce Brosnan films. I also thought Timothy Dalton made an excellent – if different – Bond, so you have plenty of treats in store for winter evenings!

    • I have a tiny television, it doesn’t really lend itself to watching films. If I get into these I can see it could work out quite expensive. And I may have to retire to find the time. Now that’s an idea…

  2. Oh I’m so pleased you enjoyed! The travelogue bit is something I love in films, especially if I’ve visited a locale. Such as Shanghai. OH boy! Can’t wait to see this now!

    • Now you are in London you would probably enjoy the travelogue side of this, and it doesn’t play fast and loose with London’s geography like some films, Bridget Jones and 101 Dalmatians did, where I felt someone had cut up the A-Z and put it back together badly.

  3. I’m not a Bond virgin, but not a Bond film fan. But I do and did like Sean Connery’s Bond!
    Anyway, after having read a study about the evolution of male behaviour patterns according to the personality shown by the different Bond actors that have played Bond’s character, I felt I wanted to see Skyfall to check on the latest male icon. I haven’t seen it yet but after reading your magnificient account of the film I, no doubt, will see it !

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