Feline Therapy

Just had a very long chat with my friend Vicki in Melbourne. Thanks Vicki. It was great. Vicki used to give Cat aeroplanes: she would hold him under his tummy and spin him around. He purred his head off. I am pretty sure had I ever tried it I’d have lost an arm. Or an eye. Maybe both.
Vicki and I used to work together. We got on. We did not get on with management. To say we were managed badly is like saying the Spanish Inquisition was not welcomed by Jews and protestants. An understatement.
Cat was our therapist.
He would listen while I told him all the awfulnesses of work and just stretch out and ask to be groomed. He never contradicted, never pointed out inconsistencies in my narrative. He kept me sane. I know that sounds like a big claim, but I think it’s true.

Just Love Me

Vicki’s husband got tired of hearing how horrid things were at work. So she came to Cat as well. It’s a good thing he didn’t realise how crucial he was to our mental well-being. We should both have been bankrupted by buying him prawns.
I have been looking through old photographs and found a number so far of Cat that have made me smile.
Truly, he was a prince among cats.


26 thoughts on “Feline Therapy

  1. What a sweetie he was! Reminds me of our Squeeky. Whenever someone was sad or upset, she would go to them. And although she was not much of a talker otherwise, in those moments she would give voice to her empathy.
    Cat was certainly a gem. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love that Gerald Durrell quote, Isobel. So true! I always wished ! he could have adopted me, actually! 🙂

    Thing is, a cat or dog is part of the family – and even though they have died, you still talk about them, still remember, still appreciate. 🙂

  3. great story, and a great prince
    by the way there is a prince and a princess on my blog, they are my friend’s cats, and i want them to become somehow famous, i want to “advertise” for them, if you can provide any help, i would be too much grateful

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