Lend Me Your Eye Patch

I have a bruised eye. It happened this morning, just before I had to leave for work. MasterB leapt up as I bent down. My right eye took the impact.
For several seconds all I could do was hold my hand over it. It was tightly shut from pain. A cold flannel for half a minute or so eased it open. It was still there. A friend’s husband lost his sight to an champagne cork.
I closed my left eye. The world, or in this case, the bathroom, was rather blurry, but I could see it. I smothered the area around my eye in arnica and headed out of the door. By this time it was streaming and my nose was joining in. I didn’t have any dark glasses, so no wonder I got a seat on the bus.
A blessed numbness set in, so it was only this afternoon that how much it hurt really struck home. I wish I had an eye patch, I’d be wearing it now.
I’m never taking up boxing.


31 thoughts on “Lend Me Your Eye Patch

  1. Ooh – poor you! I’m always wary of dog’s heads doing similar!
    The arnica will have helped and I think aconite can be very good. If you think the eyeball itself is hurt, you could try symphytum.
    Hope it’s better soon.

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