I just had a call from the lovely Alan. It was a bit late, and my first thought was something had happened to Mother. She’s 93 on Monday and Aunt and I have been fretting about what to give her.
Alan and his pal are going to winterise das Boot for me tomorrow. It means I am now committed to not spending time afloat for the next few months which seems strange. But also a relief that my little floating home from home will be safe for the next few months. Alan has had boats for years and I am very grateful to be taken under his wing.
I shall miss the marina in winter. Maybe I’ll have to take a trip to see how it is and check up on das Boot.
In the meantime, two photos from my last visit.

New Lifebelt

White Otter


14 thoughts on “Winterised

  1. Is this your floating home? Is das Boot White Otter? I like your two photos! I can understand your mixed feelings about safely winterising versus not being able to be afloat for a while!

  2. Oh! and I see your mother and mine are the same age. Mum was 93 on the 10th of august! I wish her and you a quite and peaceful birthday!

  3. Lovely…..well, I agree that it will be a relief for you to know das Boot is safely tucked away for the winter but as you say, you can always head down to the marine with MasterB for a walkabout and to capture the quiet marina at this time of year.


  4. For me, it always somewhat depressing to see vessels of any size laying in hibernation. All boats look they’re happiest when then heading somewhere, either under power or sails full of wind.

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