I’m glad it wasn’t my car that damaged this bollard. But why bandage it with yellow tape?


Maybe it isn’t a bollard. That should probably read wasn’t a bollard. Maybe it as a lamp post, though it looks a it bit thin. Any suggestions?


22 thoughts on “Ooops!

    • From the OED:

      bollard /0หˆbษ’lษ‘:d, -lษ™d/ noun. ME.
      [ORIGIN Perh. from Old Norse bolr bole nounยน + -ard.]

      1 A post on a ship, quay, etc., for securing ropes to. ME.

      2 A post on a traffic island. M20.

      โ€“ NOTE: After an isolated ME use not recorded again until 19.

  1. Well i think it no more than careless and lazy workers, or it may a sign for the mafia that a treasure is hidden here
    By the way, my friend’s kittens are still nameless. Please have a look at my latest post and suggest some names, I know your good at pet names ๐Ÿ™‚

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