The Shard at Dusk

Whatever you think of the Shard, it has quickly become a feature of Loindon’s skyline. I see it from my windows and have watched its slow journey to completion. Naturally I have several photos of it as a work in progress. Not being wild about heights, I have so far not taken the opporetunity to visit and enjoy the views. I am still getting used to how it looks from the ground.
With the leaves gone, and shorter days, the Shard is growing on me a little. I took this picture of it the other day at dusk.

The Shard at Dusk

It reminds me of a Christmas tree. Does that mean it’ll look out of place after 6th January?


28 thoughts on “The Shard at Dusk

  1. Really nice composition. One of the things that I love about London is that it has such a nice blending of old and new. They protect so much of their old architecture while making room for new structures. It is really an exciting place to be. I would like to see more of your pictures of the Shard.

  2. I didn’t know you can go to the top. Please tell me there’s an elevator. yet I am in training for an upcoming trip and need to get into mountain climbing shape.

  3. Is it high enough to be called a skyscraper? Or Not?
    Oh! I was looking at it and just remembered how desperate and shocked I am today!!

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