Of Mattresses and A Growing Cat

When I woke up with a mild ache in my back I was surprised. It couldn’t be my mattress, I reasoned. That’s new. Then it happened again. I examined my matress and found a faint hollow. I was shocked: my new mattress. then I tried to remember when I bought it, and realised it isn’t new at all. I looked up how often you should expect to replace a mattress. It seems my mattress, my new mattress, is well by its sell-by date.
I shall have to start researching to get a new one. Hopefully I can replace it with the same kind, one from Norris beds. If I am lucky, they may even still have my details. In the meantime, I shall be careful where I lie. It is still a million times more comfortable than this spot Cat chose to sleep in once.


Actually he looks fairly comfortable there. Nice and snug. One of the other pictures shows the plants sitting below the window, so I imagine I must have taken them out to clean.
When he wanted to stretch it was more problematic.


But he slept on.


I don’t know when it was. A good long time ago. There have been shelves under the windows for more than ten years.


29 thoughts on “Of Mattresses and A Growing Cat

  1. That made me smile. I love how cats shove themselves into nooks and crannies, almost as though to make a point that they can do it if they want to.

    My bed is also “new” and also past replacement time. I keep putting it off, and last winter I bought a memory foam mattress cover. It’s not perfect, but I think it may have extended the life of my mattress by a year or two.

    • It reminds me of the Maru video when he is determined to get into the box, despite the fact it is much too small for him.
      I have seen an organic mattress that looks interesting, but one question I want answered about it and other mattresses is where does the horsehair come from.

  2. Ah, what a cutie. I hope your back feels better. I have to do daily stretches for mine not to hurt. Had a car accident many years ago and I’m still paying for it.

    • He was a complete darling. I think I may have mentioned that before…
      My ache was only very slight. I want to act before it becomes a daily occurrence. Sorry about your back, but glad that stretches work for you.

  3. It’s a tight fit but he wears it well. His ginger self looks good in that shiny brass? box.. 🙂 We bought a new mattress less than a year ago. Felt fine at the store, not so good at home. It is one firm mattress! I would love to go back to a waterbed like we had years ago. Best sleep I ever had.

  4. oh! days ago my friend had the same with her Silo, she woke up, searched for him, and there he was sleeping in a box, but Silo’s bed was really more confortable than Cat’s bed 🙂

      • really didnt get the first part, but she wants more kittens, so neutering is not an option.
        also, got a pic for silo on my friend’s bed too, he was very confortable covering himself with every thing

        • Intact Tom cats usually smell quite pungent.
          I do hope your friend reconsiders neutering Silo, there are so many unwanted and abandoned cats, or is Lebanon the exception?

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