It Was Only a Walker’s Crisp Box, But He Loved It

I want to replace the hideous orange cube which after nearly a year is extremely battered but still a prime favourite. Despite MasterB’s enjoyment of his Walker’s crisp box, the day when I want to abandon the slummy look must surely be near.
In the meantime, here a few pix of it in use yesterday.

In the Box

In the Box

Marking the Territory

Marking the Territory

Here I Come

Here I Come

12 thoughts on “It Was Only a Walker’s Crisp Box, But He Loved It

  1. That last shot is great! We usually have a ratty box or two hanging around here. I have to get rid of them all eventually, though, because me cat gets territorial and picks on the dogs when they get too close.

  2. Oh he obviously quite loves that box! If you’re going to get rid of it, suggest you find a suitable replacement, complete with paw holes and such BEFORE removing the Walker’s box. It’s the kindest thing to do (haha). Actually I have to “rotate” boxes for Sam frequently….and it’s easiest if the replacement is already available – somehow the pain of separation appears to be less! 😀


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