On the Naughty Step

Asleep on the sofa, MasterB looks as though butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. But today he has earned himself a long stay in the naughty corner, if only I had one.
He was rolling around out in the street, enjoying the sunshine. I enticed him back into the garden, then he followed me out to a neighbour’s house where I had a note to deliver. He decided another neighbour’s house was very interesting. Coincidentally, it was Cat’s original home. He spent quite a bit of time sniffing about, taking in the view, and walking the railings.

The View From Here

The View From Here

Walking the Railings

Walking the Railings

Back in our own garden, another neighbour’s window presented a tantalising, not to be missed opportunity, for the ginger cat burglar.




Once back inside our part of the block, he stole my glove.
Glove Hunter

Glove Hunter

And in the flat, he knocked the heavy external hard drive onto the laptop. Luckily it survived with just a smll dent, but a few inches in another direction and the screen would have gone.
It’s a good thing I love him.


25 thoughts on “On the Naughty Step

  1. That little stinker! Good pictures for Pam’s naughty contest? Isobel I have to ask, you don’t have screens on your windows? We would have giant mosquitoes dining on us all the time and I won’t even talk about the flies. I love the windows though, especially the one to the right that MasterB has mastered. I love the transom.

  2. This is funny. What great pictures. I know dogs can be trained to go to their bed when they are naughty, but getting a cat to do what you want is another story. I love the independent nature of cats.

  3. I’m in awe that you are there when these wonderful events happen! I’d love to know what goes through their minds & what they would say if they could speak!

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