One Man and His Dog

At low tide yesterday, I saw a man and his dog on the Thames foreshore. At first glance they seemed to be enjoying a walk by the river. At second glance, I saw the man had a metal detector.



He is a mudlark, and needs a licence from the Port of London Authority to use his metal detector on what is the biggest archaeological site in London. I’ve mentioned before that I love going down on the foreshore, but I have never found anything of value.
The dog, however, had other things on its mind. See how focused it is? Now spot the tennis ball. As far as this collie is concerned the man should be playing a game, not messing about with a metal detector.
Right There!

Right There!

It’s a typical collie pose; intent, alert. How the man is able to ignore him I don’t know. As the man moves along, the collie picks up the ball and carries it to the next spot.
Each to His Own

Each to His Own

Man and dog may be together on the foreshore, but their concerns are miles apart.



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