Today’s Shard Photo (and Some From Before)

This morning’s photo of the Shard. I am starting to feel like the Harvey Keitel character in Smoke who took a photo of the same corner orf the street across from his shop every day. Or was that Blue in the Face?

The Shard from Surrey Row SE1

The Shard from Surrey Row SE1

At the end of Surrey Row is Great Suffolk Street. I like the view throught the Victorian railway arch of these two buildings, the juxtaposition of old and new.
Old and New Great Suffolk Street

Old and New Great Suffolk Street

The old warehouse is empty now, but for a few short weeks this summer it was occupied by some architecture students from Berlin. I got to know them and visited the building. No guesses what I photographed from inside!
The Shard Through Warehouse Window June 2012

The Shard Through Warehouse Window June 2012

I took this picture from underneath the Shard at London Bridge Station a week ago.


It was pretty busy at the Shard today and a helicopter circled continuously over head. They were having a practice emergency training exercise. On Borough High Street afterwards I saw a group of polce officers all clutching goodie bags from Prêt à Manger but didn’t think to take a photo until it was too late.


24 thoughts on “Today’s Shard Photo (and Some From Before)

  1. Now the one from the warehouse didn’t impress me at all, but the last one was ‘knock your socks off great’. Go figure – you can’t please all the people all the time… 🙂

  2. you always show me a London I didn’t see on my one visit there in 1982, which then makes me look forward to my *next* visit.

    the Shard through the window is wondrous–like standing in the past and looking through a portal of time into the future.

    • It has a certain something doesn’t it. Makes me think of a character in Dickens turning round and getting a sudden glimpse of the future, whereas the reality was being in that future and getting a glimpse of the past from inside the building. Short story, Jo?

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