Fame and A New Friend

MasterB has a new friend, a pretty tabby who, I think, lives in one of the houses over the wall. I saw them playing together today, but when I tried to take a photograph of them MasterB rushed towards me and then the tabby ran away. I did get this picture though.

New Friend

New Friend

I can’t describe how strange this feels to have a cat who wants feline friends. My years with Cat were a learning curve in cat aggression. He loathed other cats, and the sight of one in the garden would unleash territorial aggression, ferocious yowls and full on fighting where fur literally flew. MasterB likes other cats. I am glad there are other neighbourhood cats who are likeminded.
In another part of London not so far away, MasterB’s face is on the front of the vet’s van. It’s fame, of a sort. Not quite a poster boy, but maybe the first step.
The Vet's Van

The Vet’s Van


36 thoughts on “Fame and A New Friend

    • Yet I always knew and accepted that dogs had different characters.
      Do you remember when MasterB was invited to a photoshoot in 2011? The vet has now got a van with pictures of pets on it and intends to relaunch the website. MasterB should feature there too. She also bought calendars, cards and bags featuring MasterB and Cousin’s Big Cat from me today.

  1. What a sweet tabby – and how proud I am to know the handsome Bonnet Boy (instead of pin-up boy). Your image, Isobel? I think I recognise it. Such round eyes and ‘andsome features. What an honour! 🙂

  2. Charlie is like Master B. he wants to make friends. There is a new kitty two houses over and I think it may work out. So many of the other cats around here [including Jackie] are not the playful type. I love that he is turning in to a superstar Isobel. It will be billboards next.

    • This tabby fled MasterB when he first saw him. I wish I had seen the stages of their friendship developing, but it seems to explain why MasterB heads over that section of the wall so much.
      Yes, two famous cats; Cat was very much a local personality, greeting people on the pavement, now MasterB is taking a different route to fame.
      Let me know how Charlie’s new friend works out. Btw did you see this on twitter? http://www.jackiemorris.co.uk/blog/?p=2308

  3. How cool! He’s going to be the talk of London soon. I wish Att liked to play with other cats. So far we haven’t had much luck. half the time, I don’t think he likes me. Such a grumpy guy.

  4. Well isn’t that wonderful that MasterB will be “out there” on the vet van – it’s actually a perfect photo of him for the front of the van – it’s like “watch out here I come” !! Congratulations……as for the new tabby visitor – it’s a pretty cat….MasterB has interesting friends visiting him (and vice versa). He’s a “man about town” which Sam never would be – Sam is more like Cat was…..prefers his solitude.


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