A Winter’s Day

So far, no snow, but when I was on the train on Wednesday I wondered if I would get back without seeing some of the white stuff.
It is too cold to take many photos as my fingers lose their feeling. But here is the palace of Westminster from the South Bank yesterday afternoon.

A Winter's Day

A Winter’s Day

It made me think of Simon and Garfunkel. You remember, this song, a nice mix of John Donne and the sixties:

I plan to visit Mother this afternoon, taking a book of poetry for her and a CD of Christmas music. Maybe I should have got her some more vests. They may be her New Year’s present.


19 thoughts on “A Winter’s Day

    • I am surprised we haven’t had any. The skies was full of it yesterday, and just ten minutes out of Waterloo on Wednesday I was sure it was going to snow. The sun didn’t brighten up until 3.

  1. Enjoy your visit. do you think we may get some snow soon? I hope so. Miles is depressed that it’s raining out. He would not go far on his morning walk and I’m thinking our long walk is a no go today.

  2. No snow in Missouri! 60 degrees here today and the wind is crazy. We had a half inch of rain which we needed because of the ourcontinued drought. Your picture, I love the look of those winter kind of days but hold the snow. I am not a lover of snow.

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