The Party Season is Here

Suddenly Christmas is just a week away. I have been writing cards, wrapping presents, making hurried trips to the post office. I have hung the usual sparse wreath on my front door and MasterB rearranges the Christmas cards on the windowsills several times daily.
Tonight is my first party of the season. There’s another on Thursday. Time to start thinking sparkly thoughts and change out of thick jumpers.

Christmas Bauble

Christmas Bauble

I know some people love dressing up, but I am not one of them. I am aiming for much smarter than usual (not hard), minimal cat fur, and eye make-up. And comfort. On BBC Sports Personality of the Year I was unimpressed by Jessica Ennis’ or Ellie Simmonds high heels. They just look painful to me, though I admire their ability to walk in them. I look ike Dick Emery in drag in high heels, that’s if I’m not spraining my ankle or falling over.
I know tonight’s do, which is a bash for my profession, starts with champagne which I find does not mix with other wines, so either I need them to serve champagne all evening, or I’ll be looking for my usual tipple, fizzy water, to start the evening. I suspect it’ll be the water.


35 thoughts on “The Party Season is Here

  1. I’d vote for champagne all evening…..and no high heels (!). ‘Tis the season indeed and we find out now if those party clothes we bought for last season still fit…….in my case that is seriously in doubt. 😀


  2. Oh, how I can relate. I hate getting dressed up. Dressing up for me is wearing my good black work trousers and a sweater (jumper) with scarf or pearls. Absolutely no high heals. If it is any fancier than that I don’t go. But I have been using make-up more lately. I hope you have a jolly-good time – let us know how it went. Thanks for the laugh out loud post.

    • I don’t have one. I wore a pashmina with my coat, but left both in the cloakroom. Head is fine today thanks. I drank as much water as I could get my hands on while I was there and a lot more when I got home. Parties are thirsty work!

  3. I hope you had a good time despite the dressing up (I share your feelings and tastes about looking fancy: I hate that too and this is a problem for me. No high heels either! Besides, they are extremely high nowadays: they must be a torture!)
    Champagne? Wine?

    • The heels scare me to look at. I suppose I might get them on my feet and even stand in them, but I am not convinced about walking. A lot of us were in velvet last night. It is a good standby! I also wore good earrings and a pretty brooch.

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