Ready For Action

I don’t seem to have posted many pix of the ginger ninja recently, so just in case you were wondering what had become of him, here he is, full of vim.

Ready for Action

Ready for Action

I am most concerned to discover that almost all my pictures on my old blog have vanished. They don’t even appear in my media library. If anyone has any advice as to who I should be contacting at MyT I should be very grateful. I feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland, gradually shrinking. Could it be the Sauvignon?


32 thoughts on “Ready For Action

  1. Oh Isobel, that’s a great shot of your wide-eyed ninja…..ready for Santa Claws….What a shame your old photos are missing in action – hopefully someone can help you with that………


  2. Big impact on me this close-up pix of his stern staring!
    I cannot help you with the missing photos but I do wish you can solve the problem and get them back

  3. What a face–he looks so young compared to my grumpy Attie. BTW, Att is curled up right next to me sound asleep. So cute.

    Not sure how to solve the missing photo issue but I wish you luck in finding them.

  4. That is an amazing picture of your handsome orange boy. His eyes! And the light on that pink nose!! I know nothing about your pictures but it would be very sad if you didn’t have originals?? I hope someone can help and that you find them. I have my old blog parked at Blogger and worry that it will go poof. I keep meaning to do one of those blog books but I have some PROcrastination going on.

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