Love the Cat You’re With

Three days before Christmas and the carols are ringing out chez IsobelandCat. I’ve not been to a carol service yet this year, and I think it’ll have to be tomorrow. I didn’t get my act together early enough for evensong at the abbey which is a ticket only event on the Sunday before Christmas, but I see there’s another Nine Lessons and Carols at St Bart the Great, so I’ll probably nip along there.
I’ve bought the sprouts, am stocking up on fizzy water, dusted and vacuumed, turned on the fairy lights, sent the ecards and trotted round the neighburhood with the local cards.
Today has been unsaeonably wet in London, though nowhere near as wet as in Devon where there are floods. MasterB played outside, bursting bubbles in puddles and happily splashing through expanses of water that Cat would have circled. Perhaps he has got the Bengal water gene after all.

Bright-Eyed Boy

Bright-Eyed Boy

He has also demanded a fair amount of indoor play, leapt up and knocked berries off the mistletoe to play with. A quick check online revealed they are poisoinous to cats, so I took nearly all of it down and gave it to neighbours with more rooms and highter ceilings. The crystals Sue sent me are hanging prettily in the windows, the cards are currently upright and the presents are in a satisfying heap.
I found copies of the pictures I posted of Cat two years ago when he decided he had had enough of cards on the windowsills. They were on my Telegraph page but as I said the other day, all but four photos have vanished from my blog and from the media library which make sme a bit sad.
So he is again, translated to this page.
In the Window with Cards

In the Window with Cards

Making More Space

Making More Space

That's Better

That’s Better

I saw a picture of vet Emma Milne’s cat tonight, a dead ringer for Cat. So sad to read that he has an inoperable tumour. She says he’ll be spoiled this Christmas. Quite right too.



18 thoughts on “Love the Cat You’re With

    • I think I’ll probably have to dust again, if only to get rid of some cat fur, but the main work is done until next weekend.
      I used to like going to midnight communion, but nowadays i like to get to bed!

  1. Cat and MasterB…..gingerness in common but purrrsonalities distinctly their own… of the magical things about cats I think. Love the photos of Cat making room in “his” sunny window – clearing what in his mind was unnecessary clutter! MasterB the bright-eyed boy looking right at the camera – with love in his eyes. Merry Christmas Isobel……with old and new memories.

    Hugs, Pam (and of course Sam)

    • MasterB seems to think the windowsill is out of bounds with the cards there. He hasn’t disturbed them in more than a day. Amazing. Cat just climbed among them, lay on them, pushed them aside.

  2. Both your boys are amazing Isobel. Such beauties and characters. I am off to the vet today with Charlie…he has something wrong with his eye poor wee man.
    .•*¨*•.♪♫♫♪Wishing you a safe and very Happy Holidays.♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸

        • Okay back from the vets…they didn’t find any scratches. I have to keep an eye on his eye that it doesn’t turn opaque or the discharge gets green. He has antibiotic cream for it. They stuck a long cotton bud all around [that was awful to watch] and it came out full of dirt and debris…so we are hoping that’s it. The cream is just to make sure that irritation doesn’t become an infection…phew.

        • Orange…imagine Charlie with one orange eye…scary !!!
          He was good. He is pretty laid back at the vets…just hates the car ride. Meows loudly and non stop. He has everyone at the vets wrapped around his paw. They all fuss over him: “He’s so cute/such a character/such a sweetie” – huh !!!! If only they knew what he is really capable off…destruction on a global scale. He scared the crap out of a lady at the counter though. he was in the cage [it’s one of those soft ones] on the floor and he decided to make jump…that was kinda funny.

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