Christmas Eve

It’s the night before Christmas, ok late afternoon but you know what I mean, no mice thank goodness, but not enough sunlight in the bedroom today to charge the solar fairy lights. The ones in the sitting room are twinkling merrily and MasterB has only knocked the cards down once.
This morning when he went out I could hear him mewing. I looked out of the window to see him on the wall looking into the neighbours’ gardens. Then the tabby appeared and the mewing stopped. I watched expectantly but they didn’t interact. Just sat facing in opposite directions.

East and West

East and West

After a few minutes the tabby went down the far side of the wall, MasterB turned round and saw me looking, miaowed and came in.
The morning passed in domesticity including cake baking. Banana cake from a recipe on Georgia’s page. Half of it has gone already, so this afternoon I replenished the flour and sugar supplies.
The day was grey and dull, then suddenly the rain came, a hurried shower, with the raindrops flung aginst the windows by the wind.
Raindrops and Crystal

Raindrops and Crystal

It stopped as suddenly as it had begun and the skies turned dramatic as the sun forced its way through the cloud. From my bedroom window I photographed the Shard.
Sahrd and Cloud

Sahrd and Cloud

Rain is forecast again tomorrow, so I grabbed my coat and set off for a brisk local walk. This cat looked like a model for the ones Victorians had on their mantelpieces. Or maybe it was just lining up with the toy behind the window.
Local Cat

Local Cat

St Peter’s spire rose elegantly between bare trees.
St Peter's Spire

St Peter’s Spire

I went back to the house with the London Christmas decorations and took a picture of the guardsman. There’s a black cab there too.


Around the corner, I was impressed by the symmetry of these decorations.


Then it was a last visit to the shops for catfood and garlic.
Tonight will be carols, candles, chat and beetroot stew. Some wine, maybe a glass of whisky. And the magic of Christmas will be here.
Merry Christmas!


24 thoughts on “Christmas Eve

  1. It has certainly been a very unchristmassy day weather wise but hopefully, like you Isobel by the time we creep into bed before Santa arrives we will be in the right spirit! Have a good one!

  2. So I guess the banana cake turned out OK if half of it has gone already? Sounds like a nice way to spend Christmas Eve. I had to go to the shops as well, that was a mistake!

    • And to you too. It has been fun getting to know you through your blog this year. I am looking forward to your account of Jake’s first Christmas with you. Next time I’m in Belfast I shall be scanning the crowds.

    • Thanks FM. I am wondering if we’ll see Ginger or Sonny over Christmas. My friend Olivia is very keen that adopt Ginger.
      Have a great Christmas and I wish you every success in 2013.

  3. Best wishes for a happy and peaceful Christmas Isobel. That’s a lovely selection of pics. Family all here. I’ve still got some wrapping to do but celebrations beginning… 🙂

    • And to you Jan. Thanks for being a virtual pal throughout the year. Have a great time with your family, and I’ll keep checking the tweets for your hashtag games. I am now truly addicted!
      I am feeling quite smug about the wrapping, as for once it is all done, though some parcels have claw holes…

      • My Christmas was even more of a rush than usual but my goodness it’s been totally and absolutely lovely. I do feel blessed with my boys and their girls all here having a good time. 🙂 Rampant hashtagging will recommence very soon, I suspect! 🙂

        PS as I haven’t been out on my bike much lately due to floods and weather, your flower garland is decorating my mug collection in the kitchen. I’ll email you a pic! 🙂

        • Glad you are having a good one. Are they staying for New Year too? My garland lives on my bike. I am impressed you take yours off! Am still wondering what lights to get, but hurrah we are passed the shortest day, spring will be coming. Yeh!

        • Yeah indeed!! They are decorating my mug rack in the kitchen. Got a lot of red in the kitchen so they look great. I’ll email you a pic 🙂

          No visitors by NY – they have all gorn but still in daily touch, which is nice.

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