Happy Christmas Cat

Himself was very happy with the new play cube.


Just wait until he gets the new catnip toy!


14 thoughts on “Happy Christmas Cat

  1. Wow! He looks very happy in an under-the-ocean sort of way. I see you’ve retained a hint of orange in honour of the first cube. Nice touch!

  2. Glad he was happy Isobel, we couldn’t have his little ginger self unhappy. If the cube didn’t do the trick he always has you more than willing to participate in play time.. 🙂 I love him looking up at you in the last shot! I know he is!!

    • Not sure about the ‘more than willing’ part of that sentence, but yes I do play with him. He needs and wants to interaction. I was surprised he bothered with the dangly bits in the cube. But he was hauling on one of the pompoms in a very businesslike fashion.

  3. Atticus already lost his catnip toy–I have no clue where it went. we’ve torn the front room apart but alas no catnip mouse. I’ll have to pick up a new one.

    • Oh I know what you mean. There are eight hedgehog balls and four bouncy ones in this flat, but only three of the former and one of the latter in evidence. Then suddenly another will appear….

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