Not a Happy Cat

I wish I had the feline equivalent of Calpol. MasterB is off colour and as been sick twice, bringing up his dinner and some dinner coloured froth. He is so unlike himself it s startling. No ginger ninja tonight, but an unsteady boy whose coat is staring. I lifted him back onto the bed and he has settled into a doze. There’s a towel beside his nose and newspaper over the bedroom carpet.

He has only been sick once before in the time he has lived with me. That was similarly dramatic. Racing around in the morning, rather quiet in the afternoon, and then suddenly looking as though he had aged by around twenty years. It’s only that memory and also how swiftly he recovered – one good night’s sleep and he was bouncing about as usual – that is keeping me calm. If he’s not right by morning we’ll be off to the vet.

30 thoughts on “Not a Happy Cat

  1. Isobel I am sure he will be more like himself by morning after a good snooze. I am thinking if he just brought up dinner and hasn’t continued to throw up and nothing else going on except feeling really off he may have just an upset stomach. I don’t like the unsteady part though. His coat is what? No tinsel or string/ribbon he could have gotten? Fingers crossed here that he recovers quickly so you don’t have to worry about your ginger kitty.

    • He asked to go out, went down the stairs just fine, into the garden, had a poo while I supervised (honestly, when Cat first marched into my life I never imagined myself outside in the dark watching my cat having a poo and checking how healthy it was) then came back in, up one flight of stairs and sat down. So I carried him up to the flat and put him back on the bed, he’s still there.

  2. I can’t bring myself top click the like button Isobel. Poor Master B…and you. I know how scary it is when they get so sick so quickly.Big {{{hugs}}} to both of you…I hope he gets better quickly…keep us up to date. Keeping my fingerss/toes/and anything else movable crossed for both of you.

    • No no turkey, no cat treats, nothing unusual to eat. So I guess it was a bug. Or maybe he ate something when he was outside, but there was no evidence of that. I’m just so glad he’s better.

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