Hale and Hearty Again

At some point in the night, MasterB left the darkness of the drawer and joined me on the bed. I woke to feel his weight against me. Then we both slept. At six, no doubt feeling rather empty, he woke me for food. He’s on Sensitive Control for the next day or so until I am completely sure he is well. Unlike Cat, he likes the Sensitive Control sachets, and even tucks into the biscuits happily. My thanks to everyone here who expressed their concern.

Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

He wasn’t quite as playful as usual perhaps, but he has spent a fair amount of the day outside once the rain eased off and then stopped. I saw him greeting a cat who I thought at first was Ginger, then realised it was slightly paler and wearing a collar. So, his social circle of felines continues to grow.
Tomorrow, a neighbour and I are going to see if we can work out a way to introduce him to her mainly indoor Burmese. Jasper can get territorial in his own garden, so weather permitting, we may try to effect introductions in our garden. another good reason for wanting to amke sure MasterB is fully recovered.
Some friends are due in a moment, so he’ll have a chance to exercise his social skills with humans. Their cat died a few months back, and they are starting to think about getting a kitten, a Russian Blue. I’m trying to persuade them to adopt one that needs rehoming. There’s a lovely female aged eight months being advertised. There are so many pets in shelters, it seems wrong to me to encourage breeders to carry on letting their queens have litters.
Sure, I’d love photos of MasterB as a kitten, and I treasure the one photo of Cat as a kitten that was given to me by his previous owner, but having a happy, healthy, loving cat of any age far outweighs anything else. I bless the day I brought MasterB home. I couldn’t wish for a better boy.

34 thoughts on “Hale and Hearty Again

  1. My cat is like that. He gets ill for 24 hours and then gets better. He does that a lot. I cherish the healthy stages in his cycle!

      • Yes, he was homeless and slept on our garden for four months. It was a long process to rehabilitate him as my parents have ten other cats! He has three legs and half an ear and is like my adopted son. I included a couple of pictures of him in one of my blog posts and, despite anything else I wrote about, he got all the comments! I am thinking of bloging his story one day. This is his third winter with me and only now does he demand he’s going to go and sleep down stairs. And as for “well” he has had several vet operations now so I know all about ill.

        • Ten other cats!!!! Wow sounds like a survivor. As for the comments on your page, I know that feeling. This page should be called CatandIsobel I think. I have a kitten in the kitchen at the moment, s/he was out alone last night, very young. I am hoping to find its owners this morning. MasterB is most unimpressed.

  2. Sorry Isobel, not been at computer much so didn’t realise your lovely boy had been ill! So pleased he is better and that it was all short-lived. Whew! 🙂

  3. I’m so happy to hear MasterB has come out of his “spell”……I just hate it when Sam’s not himself – as he’s aged those times are more numerous. I’m glad MasterB is better…..REALLY glad.


  4. I wish I had photos of Att when he was a kitten but I wouldn’t trade him in. He’s been a wonderful buddy and I adore him. Adopting shelter animals is important to me–too many unloved animals in this world.

  5. That’s a bright eyed boy! I will trust you on the bushy tailed part. You have a kitten in the kitchen??? I hope you solve that one Isobel. I am with you on adopting from the shelters. We had to go to the kinda big city for some food items and stopped in at the shelter for an hour and played with the cats. Just four there, all adults. I had a little thing for Jingles. She was just coming back to normal from being spayed. I couldn’t take her out of her condo. So MasterB isn’t interested in the little guest?

    • We saw the kitten when we going out last night. It was still there much later and very small, so I didn’t think it was safe for it to be left outside. It spent the night in the kitchen. Ate everything in sight. MasterB was most upset. I was surprised by his reaction given that Ginger has been in the flat and MasterB made not a murmur. So this morning I took it back, tried a couple of doors with no success, and asked a neighbour to keep an eye on it. I hope its owners have found it. It is very friendly. In the meantime I have left a message at the Cattery asking their advice.

  6. I have yards of unread emails and unchecked notifications. I’ve decided to ignore the emails! I’m sorry to hear that MB has been sick. So hard to know when to panic. Or perhaps harder to know when NOT to panic. Glad he is getting better. HEAR HEAR about rehoming rescues instead of buying pets. I couldn’t agree with you more. I get quite cross with friends who buy instead of taking in a rescue!

    • Yes, I don’t want to whisk him down to the vet unnecessarily, but nor do I want to risk him getting worse. All the books talking about the cat’s temperature, but I am not at all sure about using a rectal thermometer, even if I owned one!

  7. Me too, what writeovertheedge said–yards of unread emails….. I’ve been absent… So sorry to hear our ginger boy was ill–rips us in two, doesn’t it? Love that pic of him feeling better, Isobel.

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