Little Visitor

MasterB has had a trying day. The flat has been invaded by a little stranger who spent the night in the kitchen and then played with my feet and MasterB’s toys over breakfast.

Little Visitor

Little Visitor

MasterB forgot his manners, hissed, growled and stomped off to the Outside. Even when the guest had left, he was distraught. He complained about the smell it had left behind, and could hardly bear to come into the kitchen.
I took the kitten in late last night. It seemed far too small to be out on its own at night. However, this is a small flat, and given MasterB’s reaction, looking after it was not an option. With misgiving I returned it to where I had found it,reasoning it couldn’t have come from far away and asking someone in a house nearby to look out for it. No one I spoke to knew who it belonged to. One woman had put food down for it, but with two cats and a dog, she couldn’t take it in either.
When I checked later, there was no sign of the kitten.
I do hope it has been reunited with its family.
I was about to go to bed. I decided to check on the kitten once more, and there it was. I dreaded the thought of bringing into the flat, but could not bear to leave it outside all night. Luckily my friend Carol came to the rescue and it is tucked up in her downstairs loo, all cosy with food, a litter tray, a box with a towel and a crinkle bag. Her dog barked madly, but she can’t get to the kitten. Tomorrow Ann from the Cattery will come and see if it has a microchip and we’ll take it from there. It is such a friendly little thing, someone may well be searching for it. Fingers crossed.


28 thoughts on “Little Visitor

    • The Cattery people are coming in an hour or so to check for a microchip. Here’s hoping. I’ll try to get some pictures of it. If there is no microchip we’ll need them for lamp post notices.

  1. I feel so sad about this kitten, a tuxedo, how can one drop a tuxedo? (how can one drop any cat, in fact?) I hope you will find a solution! The best would be that he is lost and finds back his family. I am so glad you took care of him!

    • The Cattery think that a likely scenario is that it has been left by its owners for a few days with someone coming to feed it and has got out. From its reaction to us, I’d say it has been loved and played with. It’s a confident little thing.

  2. Aww I am so happy you watched over the little fuzz face Isobel. And good of your friend Carol. I would think finding a new home if necessary would not be a problem. I hope not anyway. I’m glad it’s a confident little fuzz face.

  3. What a doll…….love those eyes peeking out…….he’s a little charmer. Bless you and Carol for looking out for him – hopefully his actual home will be found but if not – you’re right – he’ll have a home soon I’m quite sure!


  4. Aww the kitten looks tiny. Hope he can be returned to his owner soon. Someone is no doubt frantic! Had to giggle at MasterB’s reaction… 😉 An interloper!!

    • I was quite shocked by some people’s reactions when I knocked on their doors to ask if they lost a kitten. They so obviously didn’t want to know, yet this little mite was out on the street, and needed help. Luckily Carol was more proactive.

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