Kitten Nativity

If you have been following this blog over the last few days, you’ll know that this little kitten has been at the centre of my attention.

Little Kitten

Little Kitten

It’s not a great picture, but is one of the only ones I have. She is being held by Carol just moments after we established she is not microchipped. In my new version of the Christmas story, Carol is the innkeeper and her downstairs loo is the stable. I am a shepherd, furnishing the downstairs loo with litter tray, food, towel for the manger (a cardboard box) and a crinkle bag. The kitten was turned away from other homes with as many rooms as Carol’s. People seemed more scared at the prospect of having to deal with a kitten than its welfare and survival if it stayed outside.

MasterB revealed he was not prepared to share his home with the kitten either. I think he was scared of it. He hissed and growled but did not attack.

This Sofa Was Made For One Cat

This Sofa Was Made For One Cat

Rosie the dog was interested from the other side of the door, but not aggressive.
The Hostess with the Mostest

The Hostess with the Mostest

Kitten’s stay at Carol’s ended when Ann from the cattery checked her for a microchip and found she didn’t have one. Like us, Ann felt this happy and confident kitten has been loved and looked after in its short life. How it has got separated fom its owner is a mystery. So the flight to Egypt, aka Dulwich, was effected by ten o’clock. Carol and I walked Rosie around the area hoping to see a star in the east, or at least find notices posted by someone looking for a kitten. Zilch. We posted our own notices: Found, very young kitten.
I still want a happy ending, but I’m not sure it’s going to be a reunion between this little mite and the people who love her.


32 thoughts on “Kitten Nativity

  1. My daughter is looking for a new cat but she lives in Texas – would cost way too much to transport. Besides, she says she thinks there are enough homeless cats in the town where she lives. The right cat always seems to find her and she takes it in.

  2. Isobel the featured cat looking for a home there at your link, Jess, sort of looks like the grown-up version of little kitten. Well the little girl kitten is in a good spot and I think her future is being worked on. I hope she finds a wonderful home with people or a person that loves and respects her. She makes my heart smile.

    • The Cattery said it was possible the owners were away and someone was coming in to feed the kitten. If it got lonely, and it is a friendly little thing, it could have got out and gone looking for company. In a multi cat household a feeder might not notice it is missing and the owners may not yet be aware.

  3. If you wanted to adopt her yourself, MasterB would accept her gradually. I have found the most successful way to introduce any new cat is to keep it in a large cage for several days somewhere central, kitchen or whatever – with a tray, a bed and food. That way they all get used to each other and – more importantly – each other’s smell. The incomer seems to realise almost instantly that they are ‘safe’ and the house cats/dogs can watch it without fear of invasion. After a few days they all calm down and you are on the road to peace and quiet…! Usually the incomer, even when the cage door is open, retreats there for a good bit longer, as it has become a temporary home.

    • Thanks for the advice. I have a dog crate on the boat that I have yet to use to keep MasterB safe if we have the roof back, but my flat is small, and placing it would be quite a challenge! Really I would like to adopt Ginger if he is really homeless, and so far no one has called me to ask why he is wearing a collar with my telephone number on it. I am trying to imagine him accepting being in a cage in the sitting room… A kitten would definitely be easier.

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