Forever Home

It probably won’t surprise you that I was a big fan of Animal Hospital and Pet Rescue, all the Vets series, All Creatures Great and Small, every animal programme back to Rag Tag and Bobtail, my favourite pre-school programme.
In the rehoming programmes the oft-used phrase when the appeal is aired is the animal needs a forever home. I even wrote a short screenplay with those words as a title. Quentin Tarantino still hasn’t called.
One of the things that has touched me in the comments about the lost kitten over the last few days is the hope people are willing to invest in her future. We all want her to have her forever home. Maybe even MasterB, just so long as her forever home isn’t also his. Empathy was entirely lacking in his response to her presence in the flat. Even a day later, the crinkle bag where she had slept was subjected to suspicious sniffs. But by and large, within a few hours of her departure, MasterB was relaxed in his home again.

In His Own Home

In His Own Home

Wouldn’t it be nice if at the end of December 2013 I could post a link to and you would find a picture of little kitten grown up and as comfortable as MasterB in the above photo. I quite often hear updates about Ron of Essex when I visit the cattery. This picture is from before he was rehomed, and taking an active interest in the cattery’s hens.

Lorely, of Writing from the Edge, would be the perfect forever home for about any pet you could name. She has a menagerie of cats, dogs and hens. Except that as of this month, dogs has become dog. Some of you will already be familiar with her intensely moving account of her dog Bunny’s death in Four Legs and a Tail are Forever, quite the best piece I have ever read that captures the love and joy of having a pet, and the terrible hurt and loss when it dies. For those of you who are unprepared get the hankies ready, and come to think of it, the rest of you need your hankies too for this account of both Underdog and Topdog dying within ten days of each other.
Now that you are all sobbing, a post by the Scroobious Pip to make you laugh. If you follow the Scroob, you’ll know that her boyfriend Andrew has two cats, Pickle, a gorgeous ginger, and Gesso whose sweet baby looks belie a wilful personality and a liking for messing with Andrew’s oil paints and using them to make his own creations on Andrew’s bed linen. So, I give you Gesso, the deaf white cat going loco.
If the little kitten ends up being loved in homes like these, our hopes and wishes for her will reap a great dividend.

13 thoughts on “Forever Home

  1. Our animals capture us – fully – from the heart and into the brain and back again. As sad as losing a pet can be, I think their spirit hangs around us forever….I bet you have moments when you just KNOW Cat is at your feet giving you “the look”…….I do hope the little kitten gets a loving home and I think she will….just a feeling…..Sammy says so too. 🙂


    • Hi Pam, I find it quite hard still to look at photos of Freddy, they remind me how much I miss him. That doesn’t mean I don’t love MasterB, I do as much as I did Freddy. So yes, they get to our hearts and it hurts horribly when they die, but it is a pain worth having. Unfortunately, not all pets are as loved as ours. For very Sammy and MasterB there are many more abandoned, neglected and worse. We humans have a lot to answer for.
      Did you read the links? I’d love to know what you thought of them.

    • Your writing carries such an emotional charge, I know some of the people who visit this page also visit yours, but it is nice to make introductions, and this week has been about cats. I am so sorry you have had this double blow of both dogs dying so close to each other. I am glad you and Model Dog have each other for mutual comfort and support.
      When you have time (!) do investigate more of the Scroob’s posts. Apart from Gesso and Pickle, she has two cats, and she is very into textiles. Her posts about disability are very interesting, and deserving of a wider audience.

      • Thank you again, Isobel. And for your sympathy, which is comforting. People who love animals so totally get it, there is no need to explain. I will read more of the Scroob. I tried to join her photo challenge earlier in the year but found it very hard to navigate her site and gave up. It was the Blogger v WordPress thing all over again, but now I have the WordPress site in order to leave comments, it might be easier.

        A very happy New Year to you and yours. Lx

        • Thanks Lorely. I know what you mean. How do you answer someone who says ” it was only a…” or “are you getting another one?” As though it were a pair of old shoes that had worn out.
          I did spectacularly badly in her photo challenge, but I think she did too, but there have been no mentions of it for months!
          All the best to you and yours for 2013. xx

  2. A very sweet post Isobel. I so miss my Z Cat. I had already been to Lorely’s today and my heart broke for her. And selfishly for me because I couldn’t help but think how much I miss Z. Then I remembered your Pet Remembrance Day and I smiled a little. I will check your other two links.

    • Her writing does that, makes us feel again the loss of our own loved pets so we know exactly where she is and how she is feeling. Marvellous writer. We’ll have more pets to remember in March I am sure. Hugs to you.

  3. you know this reminds me of an incident few days ago, our neighboors have a big cat, and a new small cat started to show up and hang around, the big cat kept following her like saying this is my place, not yours, not sure if they fought or not, didnt see them since then, 🙂

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