New Year’s Day in the City

We weren’t the only ones to be out walking in the sunshine of the New Year. There was a constant stream of people using the Millennium Bridge between Bankside and St Paul’s.



It was a late night. I got to bed about three. MasterB had spent most of 31st December indoors while I was at work and then when I went out. So today, despite the sunshine, it only seemed fair to let him have the lion’s share of the day outside while I did exciting things like tidying cupboards indoors. I finally met up with one of the friends with whom I had spent the evening at around two. In unspoken agreement, we wandered over Blackfriars Bridge and headed into the City.
St Paul’s never fails to please.
St Paul's from the South

St Paul’s from the South

The dome of the cathedral is one of the iconic images of London.


The whole thing is big and bold, and that makes it easy to overlook the details, things like the swags of fruit and flowers carved into the stone by the windows, the saints who watch out over London from high up on the building.
St Simon the Apostle

St Simon the Apostle

In the churchyard to the north and east is St Paul’s Cross. The sun was starting to go down by this time, and lit the statue of St Paul nicely.
St Paul

St Paul

And then there was just time to take a photo of the cathedral against the setting sun before my camera battery died. I made a New Year’s Resolution to buy a spare one for back up.
St Paul's Silhouette

St Paul’s Silhouette

We joined the throng on the Millenium Bridge and headed away for a hot drink and some biscuits. Signs of last night’s revels were all too clear on the streets; empty beer cans, discarded bottles, the detritus of many takeaway meals and coffees. I caught the bus home, let MasterB out into the garden and prepared some food. My internal clock is awry after my late night, so I think that meal was lunch, just a very late one. I’ll be in my pyjamas and tucked up with a book well before midnight tonight.


27 thoughts on “New Year’s Day in the City

  1. You know what I love about that first photo? Nobody is on a cell phone! They’re just walking!

    I also am taken with the packed throng in the gloamy background, as if a traffic light had changed, releasing the horde.

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