Poetry and Me

Having decided that I should like to do some writing in 2013 I looked at my options. The two course I really fancied were full. There were a couple of others that didn’t really inspire. I went back to my first options and looked to see what other course were available. Poetry. Poetry, hmmm. Yes I write the occasional poem, and I read poetry, but writing it properly? Me? Not sure. Actually, fairly sure, this would be hard. I wavered. I got on with other things.
I asked advice from Pseu. I talked with Sue, and suddenly it seemed like an adventure. I shall be well out of my comfort zone. A real challenge for 2013. I may flop badly, no not badly, experientially; because to fail is to learn. As Sam Beckett said, “No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”
Look forward to some bad verse…


24 thoughts on “Poetry and Me

  1. I am not a poetry person, but my friend who’s in her sixties recently went and took a year Masters course in it at Manchester University! You should always (probably) follow your dreams.

    • It’ll be a learning curve, and, I hope, enjoyable, though I am not expecting to be the new Carol Ann Duffy.As my dentist said the other week, we’re a long time dead, best to make the most of life.

  2. When I did my uni course i took a paper in poetry…and I am so glad I did. When i rally struggle with writing poetry gives me discipline in all forms and helps me get back on track

      • Hi Isobel

        An aspiring poetess, name of Isobel,
        Was concerned lest her work was not lyrical.
        But the really good news,
        Howe’er halting her Muse,
        Is she won’t be as bad as McGonagall.

        Just passing through to wish you and Cat a Good New Year. Go for it and enjoy. You have a way with words and I look forward to reading your poetry.

        • Hi John
          Nice to read you. Happy 2013. How is the dog training going? I’m sure you could offer us a few poems about your experiences and your pupil’s progress!
          I may be aspiring to McGonagall’s level.

  3. Aha excellent – but I’d rather you than me. I had to do some poetry on an OU module and I somehow got a really good mark but it was a total fluke. I’m far too lazy to learn to do it correctly. Which course are you taking?

  4. Is there bad verse? Well yes, actually but that may just be my perception. I think there’s always some verse that appeals to someone…

    I’ll be interested to hear how you get on. I’ve only written poetry when I’ve been stricken emotionally by the need to get something out, to express it in words other than prose… usually around death or the end of something meaningful.

    Good luck! 🙂

    • You don’t know McGonagall? So bad it’s precious. Pseu is a poet. I know she writes prose too, but it is her poetry that sings. I write prose and the occasional ok poem. Prose is my element. It would be nice to find my poetry muscle, and exercise it, but I think I am going to find this quite hard.

  5. Failing experientially is a different kind of effort that stretches the brain but keeps the ego intact. Speaking from experience. Ahem.

    Long-time dead indeed, so good on you for taking a taste of the world in a different way! What’s the worst that could happen, anyway?!

    PS. Don’t forget to share! hee hee!

    • The sharing may turn out to be a desperate cry for helpful criticism and suggestions.
      Annoyingly, today I discovered that another college is doing a radio writing course which is something I should love to do, but I hadn’t realised. Should have looked wider.

      • I shall learn something from your commenters, then. My mother has always loved poetry, but I never got round to learning about the structures and techniques.

        Perhaps you’ll keep your eye on that other class and get something out of it — from a distance?

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