Fifth Stone: Photoheads

On the edge of the Heygate Estate, scheduled for demolition as part of the regeneration of the Elephant and Castle, I took this picture.



I am not sure if the cameras replacing people’s heads are making a humourous or bitter statement about photography, or if there is a link between the piece and its setting. But it made me stop and look, and yes, take a photograph of it.

Find more stones here.


19 thoughts on “Fifth Stone: Photoheads

    • Thanks Aurora. The Heygate will not be mourned by many, though the flats were lovely inside. However, the main concern at the moment is for what the new development will be. The original plans have been ditched, and it all sounds rather dull, and not a little flaky.

      • Too bad. Sometimes the change is not any better than sprucing up what is… Ah, well. Change. Inevitably inevitable. The only life certainty. Still love the photo, Isobel πŸ™‚

  1. That is interesting. Are there cctv cameras everywhere in England. I have one right outside my flat. Once it went crazy, spun around in a circle for a minute and then turned to watch me on my couch. Fortunately I was fully clothed. It hasn’t happened since.

  2. I rode down the Walworth road this morning (Camberwell to Elephant) and noticed that the old petrol station has been covered in graff – I’m going to head back there to take some snaps. I might also have a walk around the estate – do you know if you can gain access? I imagine that there will be some amazing photos to be had.

    CCTV – how they became so prevalent is a mystery to me, we once had very few then it seemed like overnight there were literally hundreds. I hate them.

    • The first lot of graffiti was deliberate, arty stuff for the autumn fest. Then it scribbled over. Most of the walkways to the Heygate are blocked, so far as I am aware, but Reuben Powell has relocated Hotel Elephant to the back, where Gilford’s bakery used to be. Have hundreds of photos of the Heygate, and Reuben has done some wonderful paintings and drawings.
      I would call your journey up the Walworth Road, down being from Elephant to Camberwell. πŸ™‚

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