Eighth Stone: Phlegmatic

They say the British have phlegm. In my case they are right, but it is not the doughty cool of James Bond. In the last forty eight hours my cold has bunged my ears, nose and sinuses.
I am a one woman snot machine; a Lemsip drinker with Benilyn nights; my pockets stuffed with fresh tissues, my waste paper basket overflowing with used ones; I have a cough that rattles windows and my tatsebuds are only functioning intermittently. Welcome to 2013.

Less phlegmatic stones here.


18 thoughts on “Eighth Stone: Phlegmatic

    • I may have to go and buy some lemons and stud slices of them with cloves to drink in hot water and homey to numb my poor throat. I guess it’ll take another couple of days.

  1. You made this so real I felt it right along with you. Oh, I have been there and done that! Whiskey, honey & lemon in hot tea to you. I say, get the snotty done early and then you can enjoy the rest of the year.

  2. Isobel I have so much sympathy for you. I was a snot machine with watering eyes, a head ready to explode and a sore throat from 16 December until New Year’s Eve. I was able, barely, to enjoy my Christmas dinner that CH cooked for me. Thank heavens I made the chicken and noodles early! I hope you have the short version. Do take it easy!

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